Marc Gasol and Mike Conley played 718 regular season or playoff games together as teammates with the Memphis Grizzlies. On Sunday night in Toronto, they were opponents for the first time and it was a game neither will likely ever forget. Not just because it still feels a bit odd for either of them to see each other in different uniforms, but also because of how one-sided the contest was. Toronto won 130-110 Pascal Siakam had 35 points, Fred VanVleet added 21 and 11 assists. Conley had 20 for the visitors while Gasol had 11, all in the first part of the opening quarter.

The Raptors led by 40, yes, 40, points at the half, a franchise record and a franchise-worst for the visiting Utah Jazz. Pascal Siakam, coming off of his worst game of the season, had 19 in the first quarter alone, Gasol had 11. Toronto moved the ball beautifully and went on a 23-2 run early, while the Jazz had all kinds of trouble putting the ball in the basket.

The Raptors started 10-for-16 from three. Utah started 3-for-17. Utah had three assists through 14 minutes, the Raptors had 19. It was that kind of domination, for a half and with Gasol being uncharacteristically assertive.

“I knew he was going to do that, somehow,” Conley said afterward.

“I’ve watched a lot of the game and I told the guys ‘I guarantee you he’s going shoot a lot more tonight, whether he’s playing me or whatever, he’s going to be aggressive. With him stretching the floor like that early it really threw off what we were trying to do, but that’s what makes him so dangerous. He’s capable of doing it any night and doing whatever it takes for his team.”

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