Typhoon Komori locally known as to soy currently rolling over the central Philippines in this storm system has just been battering Luzon northern areas of a size including northern Samar where some of this video is coming out of as well as to call several injuries have been reported as well we’ve been seeing reports of flooding this is your classic case what happens when you get a category two to category three type of typhoon making landfall especially here in the southeastern Luzon where a made landfall right around 11 p.m.

last night around Sorsogon but now slowly just making its way across somebody said earlier it’s like it is hunting for something right now cuz it’s not moving very fast in fact microwave imagery you can just see kind of it’s too gradual movement off there towards the west still seeing some flooding across many of these areas 90,000 people have been evacuated and we’re still going to wait through Tuesday evening into tonight until we start to see this pass by Manila and eventually will start to work its way off there towards the west into the South China Sea but winds right now though 105 gusting at 30 knots so it still maintains a pretty potent storm system here in fact the eye continues to remain visible on infrared satellite imagery which tells me this is remaining some sort of organization and thus that inner eye wall still in place there single force 4-3 still in place from cavite extending back towards the east as well as all of Mindoro what that simply means is that you’re still gonna be seeing typhoon strength winds in these areas as well as Manila I would not be surprised we gets typhoon strength gusts there but sustained winds a little bit less than that but still enough to cause some damage especially in the metro area when you’re talking about Manila or any of these metro areas of debris really gets start to fly around and that’s what causes real injuries actually a three in trees in Samar and mentioned earlier were due to flying debris also well wall fell down so I mean these are all things you have to keep in mind and is why I always say yeah I get it you’re used to these storm systems here but y’all know I’ve been through several typhoons they are dangerous do not head outside make sure you’re in a secure area I know 99% people are smart about it but then there’s just all these those people that I think they can deal with it as we go ahead though as I mentioned in the Tuesday evening this will pass well south of Manila but we still get those tropical storm strength winds screaming in accross Laguna Lake and eventually that is going to start to taper off by Tuesday night into Wednesday morning but until that happens really all of Southern Luzon in northern monaural is gonna continue to get hit by these  typhoon strength conditions enough to  cause some pretty serious damage here so  once that said please stay indoors and stay safe the good news many areas I’m getting reports out of that were hardest hit like Legaspi back here towards the east really much of a call and recall and that’s

fantastic news because that tells me the infrastructure still in place communications are still running which is always good news that also means that aid again and real fast for those hardest-hit areas but still this storm system is still ongoing and we’re  not haven’t quite seen the full extent of it just yet until it’s too clears out we start to get those clear conditions behind it for now though I really appreciate all the reports people have been giving me thanks for that and if you’ve any questions comments suggestions please post them down in the comment box below but yeah this storm system sitting right over the Philippines as you can see and it’s not going anywhere very fast stay safe out  there.


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