Hello everyone and welcome back to the channel as you guys just saw we got our first official trailer of Black Widow and surprisingly a lot of the footage actually features the main story that takes place after the events of Captai America Civil War in the backlash of the Avengers breaking up with Black Widow and the rest of Captain America’s team going on the run after the events of Civil War and after Captain America broke everybody out of their prison it’s clear that Natasha Romanoff though has unfinished business with her past and that she’s broken off from the rest of the Avengers team at least for a time again there’s a big gap between the events of Civil War and infinity war a few years in fact so this is actually the perfect time to set a black widow movie a lot of the trailer for Black Widow and a lot of the information we’ve been getting about it is that it will in fact take place in Budapest leaving myself of course to speculate obviously that Hawkeye will actually have an appearance in the movie at some point if there is a flashback about it but again it appears as if the majority of Black Widow will actually take place after Civil War with not a ton of flashbacks but likely a few it’s also when Budapest in the tre there were introduced to another plant widow for the first time as they battle for a brief moment but Natasha Romanov ultimately calls her sister we then get a ton of flashbacks from other movies from Avengers & Game two Avengers age of Ultron which really establishes that this is the culmination of

black widows journey is a character even though she ultimately met her final fate in the events of endgame this is the true definitive ending for the character she’s pretty much changed to race entirely when we first met her in Iron Man 2 and in the avenger and it will be interesting to see her remove all of the red from her ledger in Black Widow as the movie appears to be about riding past wrongs we didn’t get a shot of Thunderbolt Ross and something interesting to know in this shot is the actor has clearly been T aged meaning that Thunderbolt Ross was clearly an important figure in black widows past but also her present as again it’s his duty to hunt down Black Widow after the sokovia accords and after Black Widow ultimately decided to side with Captain America abandoning the idea of the Accord but again here it’s clear that Ross has something to do with black widows past and it would be interesting to see a flashback between Widow Ross and Hawkeye sometime in the now let’s talk about the other black widow we know her as the Elana in the comic books Natasha and Yelena have a big rivalry with one another with Yelena being the red-room successor to Black Widow after she abandoned them and after she changed her ways and joined the Avenger what’s awesome about the two of them in the comic books is neither one of them has arose to be superior to the other with her even being rumors that the Yelena actually scored better on her Red Room test than Natasha Romanoff did but the rivalry in the comic books being really interesting because Natasha has a whole lot more experience in the actual field a lot of times in the comic books before  natasha has tried her best to redeem Yelena and the character of Yelena is a very grey individual something that we may actually get to see here they both also have similar training something good some full display here in the trailer as we can see even in the trailer itself they’re being made to look like equals we then get our first brand new shot of Black Widows new black armor as she appears to be standing in front of a plane craft I really do like this new armor is it’s a lot bulkier and more combat oriented than others that we’ve seen the character wear in the past as to what is going on here I’m not really sure but again as far as the costume itself I do like it and we do actually get a few costumes in this trailer including a white costume a little bit later which we see obviously Natasha chooses to wea because she’s attacking an individual in a snowy environment this white costume of Black Widow was actually directly lifted from the comic books and was designed by the Red Room now let’s talk about the villain of this movie one of my favorite comic book villains from the comics taskmaster we only get a few glimpses of taskmaster throughout the trailer and no dialogue to my current knowledge something about taskmaster that’s really cool from the comic books is he has the ability to see and then mimic a fighting style to a tee making him the equal of some of the best fighters in the MCU if this trait does in fact carry over in the comic books he’s an assassin and in the comics has actually been able to mimic and then use the fighting styles of characters like daredevil kept on America and Hawkeye making him exceptionally dangerous and one of the few individuals that could throw Captain America shield accurately in the trailer when we get to see taskmaster shoot about arrow indicating that he may have actually been mimicking haka here now finally moving on to my favorite part of the trailer at the red guardian or Alexi one of my favorite characters from the comic books that appears to be a whole lot more comedic in this movie in the comic books the red Guardian is pretty much the Russian Captain America who again in the comic books was set up by Russia to be the answer to the Americans Avengers making him again the Captain America figure of the group in the movieitself though it appears as if he was imprisoned for some unknown reason an undisclosed amount of time although again according to other characters he’s gained a lot of weight in the comic books read Guardian is actually another super soldier although not on the level of Captain America but in the MCU it makes sense that they actually would have experimented with a Super Soldier Serum but I’m not sure if the Red Guardian has seen in Black Widow is actually a super soldier although it’s not impossible I should also add in the comic books Natasha and Red Guardian actually got married but they did eventually break up when Red Guardian faked his own death to become red Guardian leaving natasha romanoff to a life with the Red Room and now finally in the trailer I want to talk about a character known as Melina an older Black Widow who’s gone through the Red Room training in Final passed about five times in the comics she’s again set to be the leader of the Red Room Black Widow program and in the comic books hasan intense hatred for Black Widow for abandoning the Red Room it’s clear that she’ll be playing the role as one of the main villains in Black Widow and I can’twait to see the character in her relationship with natasha romanoff anyway though guys that’s pretty much my breakdown of the black widow trailer it looks surprisingly serious and really action-packed but what were your thoughts on the Black Widow trailer and is there anything that I missed in my breakdown as always my friends thank you so much for watching hit that subscribe button to assemble and join our team and have a great day.




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