Amber Alert this child right here is missing one-year-old Vanessa Morales please take a good look at this picture right here

she was last seen Friday in Ansonia and right now investigators are searching statewide and just minutes ago investigators updated the media with some new information channel three’s Rogers’s annan is joining us now live from antonia with those late-breaking details  well you know Denise and Mark and Sonia police first launched their investigation at this home on Myrtle Avenue and you can see right now they are still maintaining a presence here there are police cruisers here and some detectives just showed up in the neighborhood and they are knocking on doors right now the body of a young woman was found inside that home on Myrtle Avenue on Monday but the baby girl baby Vanessa who also lived here was nowhere to be found  and now her disappearance has sparked an Amber Alert and a statewide search now police want everyone at this point to take a good look at this photo this is one year-old Vanessa Morales police say she has not been seen by family members since Friday night and investigators fear she could be in danger so this afternoon they upgraded a silver alert to a full-fledged statewide Amber Alert police say new information has led them to believe an Amber Alert is necessary and could indicate that they believe she was abducted on Monday police found the body of a woman inside Vanessa’s home and the AP is reporting that that victim is Vanessa’s mom but baby Vanessa was not in the home and police still aren’t sure where she is today investigators returned here to the home on Myrtle Avenue and they were bringing evidence bags into and out of the house at this point there are two investigations going on at the same time the disappearance of Vanessa and the apparent murder of her mother police say someone somewhere has important information about Vanessa and they are urging that person to do the right thing and come forward we are greatly concerned that she is safe and she may be safe somewhere and I said before if she is please just contact us so we can  verify that this is not about punishing someone who may have her this is about getting her and making sure she’s safe and now I want everyone to take just one more look at baby Vanessa you can see she has brown hair and brown eyes and we’re told she is about two feet tall and back live now here on Myrtle Avenue you can see that this investigation is still going on right now in earnest and investigators are urging anyone with any useful information no matter how small to contact them right away.


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