December 7th, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

Jack Richard Evans Said

Seaman second class aboard the battleship USS Tennessee during the attack on Pearl harbor

We were not ready at all for war in 1941 we were surprised and if the ship was hit pretty hard from my battle station I watched the Oklahoma roll over and sink.

I watched the Arizona which was behind us when it exploded and blew up it was a busy day.

Lauren F.Bruner Said

Fire Controlman third class aboard the battleship USS Arizona  during the attack on Pearl harbor

As soon as bullets start flying around every dude something was up well we had heard some kind of messy before maybe half hour before that the might would bomb and the basis and we hightailed it up to their gun stations and that’s fun would look out and see these planes coming in and they were shooting when I played co-opting band alongside need right between the ships and I could reach over with a baseball bat and smack that bugger well that’s the plane fairly clean of this Arizona blew up know I lost a lot of good  buddies.

 Stuart N.Hedley Said

Seaman First class aboard the battleship USS West Virginia the attack on Pearl harbor

Get to your battle station is the real thing was going up the ladder on the portside why you’re coming to Japanese torpedo plane down Airport we can see the pilot the copilot and radioman laughing like everything in those 15 50 caliber machine guns out of their wing guns were flying all over the place as soon as we got into our battle station we could hear the machine-gun bullets hitting the turret and my buddy Crosland him and I were the ones the only true that came out of the turret alive we took a direct bomb hit through the left side killing all 11 men and the only reason I’m here today is that she’ll never exploded the whole idea is to keep it fresh in our memory not for us but for those that gave their lives that day the heroes are the ones that didn’t come back we’re not the girls the those that gave their lives for the freedom of this country and to see the way our own people have treated our country is wicked.

My message is remembered Pearl Harbor Keep America alert.


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