Prime Minister-designate of Finland

Sanna Marin 34 years will be the premier Finnish is the youngest in the world ex-minister of transport was chosen from the social democratic party as new chief executive takes the place of a discouraged anti ring last December 3rd the thirty-four-year-old san Marino choice from the Finnish Social Democratic Party as prime minister to replace resigning anti-ring 57 years will be the world’s youngest premier at his side he will have other boys 32 years the lee government allies common Anderson and Khatri render had been withdrawn in December last the support of his principal ally after management criticism of the owned postal service state Marin beats the current records of the New Zealand premier already left Darden 39 and of the Ukrainian head of government Oleksy on charge 35, it is probable that the parliament will approve shortly his appointment and therefore will be marina to represent Finland at European summit of 12 to 13 December a Brussels Finland holds the Presidency of the European Union and will keep it until the end of the year.


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