So Diana has been around you know in the first movie we got to establish Wonder Woman and to tell the journey of Diana Prince becoming Wonder Woman right and in this story we meet her in 1984 she’s been around she’s been helping mankind you know doing what she feels she needs to do her calling pretty lonely

because she lost some of her teammates along there over the years and then something crazy is about to happen to her sorry going.

Reporter: Now after you saw this film I cut maybe like one of the first cuts of this film I hear you cry is it Harry.


yes and I’m not an easy crier yeah just to you know save my baby like without magnets I’m not the type of women who watch commercials and cry but you did on the first one but you didn’t know I had such a strong reaction to this movie and he caught me off guard why um I think it’s it’s I can’t tell you what happened in the movie that made me cry I can just say it was the very beginning but I’ve never seen that all of a sudden I wasn’t the girl Wonder Woman the actress the producer poor and set and were they are when everything was shot I was little girl from a suburb in Israel watching all by myself in the cinema which is for itself a surreal experience watching this thing and I’ve seen this amazing woman girl doing this amazing thing and I did not expect that and all of sudden I didn’t even notice you know I forgot it was so it was very effective and that’s the moments where you’re like this is why it’s so freaking important this is why it’s not like any other movie it’s we’re doing something that’s that we hope is gonna have an impact but it hasn’t it’s very impactful on us already so touchwood it’s a good sign and I hope your you and the audience will have the similar reaction I mean if you Haley aspire to do something special and unique and meaningful .

Reporter : well I mean and it must have maybe it brought emotions upon you because here you are suiting up for the second time in this iconic role and you’re a mom of two daughters.


yeah that’s you for sure I’m sure but I gotta tell you it’s not just for the girls it is for the girls but you can’t we can’t reach the place where we’re gonna stop talking about female men you know women empowerment feminism and all that before we work on both you know female and male like we can’t just empower women Joan Lee by focusing on women we also need to educate the boys and the men so you know a young boy that goes to see them in the cinema this amazing woman does those amazing things that he can’t believe a woman could do that right you know what I mean so it goes both ways and

Reporter: You guys have done such a great job hearing up it’s two fearless women I mean just taking on the big screen was the most difficult thing for you in bringing this comeback the sequel to the big screen.



you know I think every time I make a movie I’m trying to make a masterpiece like that’s what you’ll never get there you’ll never feel that you did but that’s always what you’re trying to do so as wonderful as the success of the first movie was this is its own movie and I love this character and I love this person that I’m working with so this movie you know that movie was done but even while I was making that movie I started to see what I felt like the second movie could be its own movie okay so on standalone it’s totally it is a it’s it has to do it’s the same characters and there’s and we don’t break time continuity it’s not a reboot it’s a sequel in that way but it’s not a sequel to a story it’s its own story and so it was something really started to to come upon me while we were shooting the first movie and we started to work on it then so you know I I I am aiming for this movie to be better in every way and I feel like we aspired to make something that we felt was grand and fantastic and something you’d want to go see in the theatres and you know we did something that I think is super exciting which is you know someone was just asking me about technology and saying do you feel the need to stay ahead of the curve I said no I don’t I just feel I need to make a great movie however when I’ve observed what was happening in technology I said how about we do the opposite instead of using technology to do more things on green-screen and in CGI let’s use technology to get wires to do things to make people do it for real so we do so much of this movie as practical action it was so incredible to watch because we went to real locations and we shot real people doing real incredible sequences on wires and and a lot of the wire rigs we did no one’s ever done before because no one’s ever the wires have gotten so sophisticated but it’s gone out of vogue of shooting that way have like special videos for that cuz it was all so big weeks and weeks of rig yeah really hard for her really hard for the actors but it was like I I got a recovery I feel so I feel so lucky we got to make this massive grand film.



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