So I just want to give a quick update there are you know there were two incidents today of two different locations one at debut cemetery and one of the corner store at Bayview and Martin Luther King I want to start by just saying that the Jersey City Police Department did a phenomenal job and it’s a very tough day for the two officers were shot one recently gave His life and was pronounced at the Jersey City Medical Center and the second officer was shot in the shoulder and he should recover and then two other officers are receiving medical treatment due to shrapnel we entered the building about 10 minutes ago.

There is a month of multiple deceased inside the building so we’ll have more information on that shortly and again I want to just say thank you to the Port Authority the NYPD all the other agencies that supported us and of course a tough day for the Jersey Police Department.we could confirm there’s multiple deceased inside the building and all the schools in the location are secured they will be secure for the foreseeable future until we feel comfortable to release all the children but all the children are accounted for and we will provide more information on that shortly again I just want to say it’s a tough day for the Jersey City Police Department you know these people work tirelessly in very very tough conditions and we’re going to notify the family but it is one of our best police officers and tough day for the Jersey police.

Reporter Say: Situation here right now but I’ll try to make my way to the camera they’re saying that there were two incidents one in a cemetery one in that deli that we’ve been talking about all day all right it’s a little crazy here they are saying that at least one officer is dead another was shot and two officers have shrapnel injuries the mayor Steven Fulop also said that he just went into a building he referred to it as the building and said that there are multiple other people deceased he did not say how many I asked if this active shooter situation was a terrorist incident he and the director of Public Safety said they are not considering it a terrorist incident there’s nothing to indicate that but certainly it has caused terror here in Jersey City and certainly it has caused people great fear here today we’re once again reiterating that the children are safe the kids are okay.


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