Anthony Rendon deal is done

Some breaking news Anthony Rendon has just agreed with the Los Angeles Angels on a seven-year 245 million dollar deal.

The hot stove is on fire this is a big loop we were hearing all day today and the angels were really trying hard to pursue Anthony run don’t after they missed out on the Gerrit Cole.

sweepstakes and I gotta say I do like the movie angels they are building some star power on the team of show high Otani Mike Trout and now Anthony Rendon with this move Anthony Rendon will be their primary third baseman which means I think they’ll move Tommy left off the second base and their lineup is way better now and they can’t just solely rely on Mike Trout and anything around own he’s one of the most underrated players in MLB which is why I love the signing I made a video about what I thought of him but anyways he’s the most underrated player his defense is above average it’s not Nolan Arenado but I still love it but his bat is really what you want he is clutch he showed up in the playoffs and he shows up in red in the regular season and he does have the high OPP um the money they are paying him quite a bit of money but you know you do what you have to do and they missed out on squared we’re gonna get Anthony rundown and is there a ball club better yes the angels are a hell of a lot better if Fantine went with Anthony Rendon on the team excuse me but I like the move but if you’re the angels you still gotta address starting pitching you need needs starting pitching your lineup is deadly but with bad pitching you’re not gonna win games anyways I like the move though I Texas Rangers they I don’t know what happened I don’t know what happened I guess they just weren’t gonna pay him that much money the Angels won the ren-dono sweepstakes do I like the move I do you know angels are a lot better of a team and the end of the day you’re here to win games and their team is gonna win a lot more games because Anthony Rendon is their starting third baseman out but let me know what you guys think about this straight down below breaking news the hot stove is on fire though I’m pumped up let me know what you guys think especially for an Angels fan thanks for watching he’ll see us.


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