Prime Minister is going to secure his seat but let’s listen independent 69 Hugh’s David Stephen commonly known as Lord Buckethead the official monster raving loony party 125 Burke Norma independent 22 Courtney Jeffrey Dennis UK Independence Party 283 Humphreys Jo-Ann alone Liberal Democrats to stock Brexit 3026 Johnson Alexander Boras turf Ethel commonly known as Boris Johnson the Conservative Party candidate 25350 one Kia mark Alyn Green Party 1090 Milani Ali Riza Labour Party 18140 one Smith Robert Jr commonly known as Bobby Elmo Smith eight Tobin William John five uh ting Alfie John independent 44 yogin Stein yes commonly known as yes interplanetary time Lloyd yogin Stein 23 the number of rejected ballot papers was 93 and I hereby declare that the said.



Boris Johnson is duly elected to your attorney officer good morning everybody good morning ladies and gentlemen thank  you all very much learning it’s like a  water I don’t want to tempt fate because clearly lots of results are still coming in and we’re still only dealing with projections but at this stage it does look as though this one nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate to get on the priorities of the British people and above all on the NHS and yes we will recruit 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more jeebies and we will build 40 new hospitals and I am proud to say that one of the across the country and one of those hospitals will be right here in Uxbridge and South riesling and I am grateful I am grateful once again to the people of oxygen sighs Ruislip for returning me to serve you it is an ABS lewd privilege to do this job and to work for you and I thank once again the the police the council everybody who’s worked so hard all night to count for us the returning officers I thank my fellow candidates in all their glory lord Buckethead and others Elmo and others forgive me if I if I don’t if I don’t identify them all but I bubble I want to thank I want to thank the people of this country for turning out to vote in a December election that we didn’t want to call but which I think has turned out to be a historic election that gives us now in this new government the chance to respect the democratic will of the British people to change this country for the better and to unleash the potential of the entire people of this country and that is what we will now do and if we are lucky enough to be returned as the polls as the exit polls seem to suggest then that work will begin tomorrow thank you all very much rather I should say not tomorrow today thank you all very much thank you.




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