Against all odds, a baby pulled from the wreckage of flight said nine to 100 is rushed away from the crash scene to be assessed by doctors.

No sooner had it taken off flight data records show the plane lost altitude struck a concrete barrier and hits a two-story building this is where the 95 passengers and five crew ended up remarkably more than 60 people survived.

Survivor (Aslan Nazaraliyev)

We just took off from the ground after several seconds the plane started as a full swing at the same time started vibrating very badly and as soon as it gets a little higher the vibration and the sound of the engine the soaring sound of the edges starts getting louder at some point going downwards so at that time I realized that we’re 100% will hit the ground once the plane hit the ground it was like a team can looks as if someone starts squeezing the team can’t very fastly and it came till the 14th row I was sitting on the 15th row it came to a 14th row and I saw that there was a guy sitting on the 14th row that all the ceiling came on him like smashing on him with all its like power.

Queues to donate blood to the injured stretched outside the nearest hospital 2/3 of those on board survived as well as medical help all have required psychological support for trauma.

Doctor Said:

We had 19 patients one after another brought to our clinic by ambulance all the patients are seriously traumatized at the moment psychologists are working with both relatives and patients.

The airline Becca is Kazakhstan’s first low-cost operator the plane itself was a medium-sized to twin turbojet airliner manufactured by the dutch company Fokker that went bankrupt in 1996.



We can say preliminary findings have shown the aircraft touched a runway with its tail twice a technical investigation that’s being led by the interstate aviation committee will be established whether this was pilot error or technical issues while the course of the crash is investigated all of the airline’s flights have been suspended.

This is the tail, in other words, a fin and these are the elevators of this aircraft which was a Fokker 100 aviation expert Mike Vivian isn’t surprised by how the plane handled the impact I suspect it landed fairly flat it didn’t get very high 50 to 100 feet maximum and I suspect he came down and a fairly flat attitude clearly it didn’t come down a nose attitude because it would have been much more severely damaged if not disintegrated well the names of those who lost their lives emerge a local news organization has said their editor-in-chief, Donna kruglova is among the dead described as an honest and courageous investigative journalist she was traveling to celebrate the new year with her parents given the high-speed impact of the crash it is remarkable that more people weren’t killed having only just taken off with its fuel tanks full had the plane caught fire it’s unlikely anyone would have survived.



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