What was it did he just leave or did he flee what do we know?

Our sources are a little bit unclear on that we have two sources confirming that he has left Japan and that he is in Beirut and and left early this week what we don’t know is is whether he officially fled it certainly looks that way and that’s what one of our sources is telling us it there’s a lot to still sort of suss out of what’s happening here I think you know when I go back to my desk I’ll be brushing up on a Lebanese extradition laws because you know there’s a lot to be said about you know why why and how he was able to pull this off he was obviously a hugely prominent figure in Japan so his ability to sort of escape the country and do so in a way when you know he was under a lot of surveillance and was being followed very closely it’s kind of a shock it’s it’s almost as surprising as how this whole event came to be about 13 months ago Craig is there an expectation that we might be hearing from Carlos going in the near future we are also expecting a statement from the ghom camp you know what we’ve been told is that he was not expecting to get a fair trial in Japan and obviously that’s consistent with what we’ve been hearing for months out of his camp he has had an army of people around the world in Japan in France where Renault is based on where he spent a lot of his professional life obviously Lebanon he’s of Lebanese descent even folks in in Washington sort of putting his message out there and sort of batting back these charges that had been brought in Japan and by the SEC we should note as well that has claimed that he and Nissan violated disclosure rules related to his compensation he’s denied those charges and and the conviction rate in Japan is incredibly high so it’s obviously that sort of goes without saying why he would have wanted to get out of Japan and if he’s going to face these charges would want to face them elsewhere.

More than 99% of those indicted in Japan get convicted right so Nissan has seen pretty turbulent time since Kohn was forced to leave what do we know about where they stand at the moment.

well, part of what has said in his defense is that the whole reason.

for this is that thee’s been a sort of conspiracy against him on the part of folks in Japan who have said that you know basically he was trying to combine these two companies there was a lot of national pride within Nissan and within the Japanese government that was against that idea and so you know there is still a huge sort of debate and tension within that alliance of Renault and Nissan over the future of the two companies whether they combine whether they join forces it’s definitely a case where you know the idea of them separating is sort of an unthinkable move at this point but they there’s an awful lot of you know tension between these two companies and they’re no longer you know sort of able to you know dispute that this was you know long a story of tensions that were sort of bubbling beneath the surface that goes you know sort of you know downplayed and managed around for years and it’s now you know very much above the surface that these two companies are not getting along.


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