The Delhi Police says order has been restored on the GNU campus after they carried out flag marches on the campus late on Sunday night power which had a been turned off has been restored on campus but there has been not a single arrest so far despite a hundred strong mob running amuck on the University campus the violence broke out shortly after 6:30 p.m. on Sunday evening in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University mass schools are wielding sticks and stools even enter the girls hostel brutally attacking students service students and some faculty members were injured they were admitted to the Ames trauma center and the staff the junk Hospital all of them have sustained head injuries.

Now how did the JNU violence start the while insulin to fee hike was the issue at where his chair new schools that had been shut down on strike over the fee hike on Sunday the JNU administration abvp wanted to open the gates of the schools and there was a scuffle that started between the left and the right factions of the JNU including stone-pelting later on Sunday evening the ABVP students regrouped and the sources have been saying that the EBA bvp students returned with bigger mob including outsiders.

Now Joe Allen arrow university student union president Archie goosh also got injured in the violence and she said that.

she was a to get a sense of what has happened at a GNU let’s go across to my colleague.

Reporter Said.

well we’ve almost reported what has happened last evening there’s be no overnight developments but you know I can tell you that the Ministry of the Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resource Development has called the register the proctor and the rector of JNU to his office today and they want to have a meeting to sort out the situation also so also we do know that JNU PA are the teachers association of the a new we’ll have a press conference at about 2 p.m. today we know it’s not just the students but several teachers have also been beaten up there are several unanswered questions in this they are basically how are these people many of whom are now deemed to be outsiders get in because when you have to get into it you get into any university you have to write your data here you have to offer furnish a software identity how did this mob and they’re from this is Rob getting is a big question no arrests have been made so far 24 people are injured in this incident also interestingly there is a top of a whatsapp group that’s been why do you report it and the VAS have false friends of RSS and again you have been sharing screenshots of conversations are from this group that multiple users were discussing ways to counter left terrorism one person identified as yo games which are of garages in fact said that we should get hold of these people in such terms there’s just one medicine for them apparently her ingesting one of their professors is a part of the group but he says that he was not active in that group there are two people in that group Sandeep Singh and harddrive his messages have their messages have been circulated as screenshot contain saying this professor in question he is a part of of Ju he’s in the is one of the faculties in English department he said that he saw his key for his job was to get the situation under control and and to ensure peace in the university and you know he’ll probably be one of those who will request because of his presence on the group so he says that he was sort of an active member right now what did you know these fans outside there’ll be a new campers in five or six of them there are security guards as well but the worried thing is that no arrests have been made so far wherein students even last night we saw we have we have that footage we’ve heard from students that they have been complaining that some of the goon some of these outsiders have locked themselves in a few of the hostel.



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