Breaking news of multiple attacks on US forces in Iraq Iran state news agency saying that Iran is behind the attacks let’s get right to so the Iranian official media is saying that the Revolutionary Guard is claiming responsibility they also are putting out video which they say are some of the rockets that were fired apparently from Iran at u.s. airbase here in Iraq the al Asad airbase military sources say that they took at least six rounds with what they described as rockets initially that soldiers on the base took shelter in bunkers if you look at the video you can see.

At least three projectiles and hear the distinctive noise of what sound like jet engines this would be a significant escalation US bases in this country sometimes come under attack from small rockets but not long range or medium-range ballistic missiles fired from Iran the Iranian news agencies are also saying they’re ssuing threats not just claiming responsibility saying that there could be more attacks to come if the United States responds and that Americans they say are advised to return to their bases and return home for their safety so Iran definitely claiming credit and linking this explicitly to the killin of the general Qasem Soleimani saying that this is a part of Iran’s revenge they are putting out hashtags on social media saying does a decisive revenge Lester and Richard what do we know about the American presence in that base how many what the mission of the troops is there it is a very large base and actually right now we can hear some helicopters above us right now there were some explosions that we heard here in Erbil where I am in northern Iraq we are still trying to figure out what that was so far.

No word of casualties at the Asad Air Base but I can tell you that a lot of military sources that I’ve been speaking to are very busy right now they are they do not appear to be answering their phones there’s clearly working this story the White House says that the president has been informed and is meeting with national security advisors not sure if this is over if this was an initial assault if this was Iran testing the waters but it certainly got a lot of people’s attention here with a rocket attack that Iran is claiming from the Revolutionary Guard saying that it is part of revenge for the killing of the commander of Iranian blackops Qasem Soleimani any word on any casualties a minute this so far we have not heard any word of casualties only that troops were taking shelter in this base it is a very large base it is quite far about 200 miles from the Iranian border these bases are full of places where troops can take cover so it would be very difficult for this kind of missiles which do not have any kind of significant guidance system as far as we know to hit anything specific but as far as we know no casualties and we’re not aware of damage there may have been damage we just frankly don’t know at this stage.



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