We begin with the breaking news of a Ukrainian passenger jet plane has crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran killing at least 170 passengers and crew rescue workers say there were no survivors the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 was bound for Kyiv.

Iranian media reports say:

The aircraft came down due to technical problems one official said it had been on fire well our news reporter Gareth Barlow is with Me Gareth what more can you tell us like you say this Boeing 737-800 had only just left the airport in Iran destined  for Ukraine crashed very shortly after takeoff satellite tracking suggest that it it crashed somewhere in hilly rugged terrain and footage from the scene shows widespread debris the emergency services retrieving bodies with body bags the Red Crescent the Reuters news agency also appointed reporting the Iranian state media saying that there are no survivors at least a hundred and seventy people have died in this incident the figures are slightly variable but we know at least 170 have died and emergency services being quoted saying the fire was so heavy they couldn’t do anything to perform a rescue they had ambulances and helicopters but unable to help it’s it’s far from clear that the cause of this crash we know the flight was delayed by an hour and it was quite soon after takeoff what we’re being told is technical Issues yes that’s what state media is reporting technical problems it’s an incredibly good aircraft it has a very reliable safety record and the 737-800 is operated by lots of air lines around the world it’s very unusual for them to crash at all let alone just after takeoff this plane was only about three-and-a-half years old so it’s very new very modern very technical aircraft obviously we’ve been told there were technical issues but there’s no more information and and just for those who who may be thinking about the 737 max this is a completely different aircraft the 737 max entire fleet has been grounded globally hasn’t it yes last year since last year this is the 737-800 for their part Boeing the aircraft Factory has put out a statement saying it’s aware of the reports in Iran and it’s gathering more information in the moment that’s all they’ve said so far and where this plane crashed just outside the International Airport in Tehran it was quite difficult terrain to get to wasn’t it for those who were trying to get there rescue workers etc.

yes, footage from the scene we’re seeing all the flight radar at the moment as it leaves the airport it travels towards more rugged mountainous terrain you can see some of the reports from and the footage from the scene showing you no debris covering a wide wide area and no discernible parts of an aircraft it is completely scattered and lots and lots of small pieces meaning it’s very hard to try and ascertain any survivors or the number of people killed and an equally quite what caused this and in terms of the current conflict between Iran in u.s. there’s no reason to believe there’s a connection there’s no reason to believe there’s a connection obviously there many people will be looking to see there is a connection but there is no credible information thus far to suggest there is so it is worth noting though that the US Federal Aviation Administration just a few hours previously have prohibited all US Civil Aviation carriers from operating above Iraq and Iran and in the waters or above the waters of the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman that’s all America Airlines but other international airlines have followed suit as well so there were concerns about that airspace but nothing to suggest that this is linked to that incident and the events in Iran in recent hours okay thank you for now Gareth bolo who’s keeping a close eye on all the developments for us here in our newsroom in London but now let’s talk to Jonah Fisher or correspondent in Kiev Jonah a terrible terrible accident we assume it’s an accident at this point what the reaction has there been in Kiev yeah it’s 8 o’clock in the morning here in Kiev this is the time when that flight this Ukrainian Airlines flight was due to arrive here in Kiev if indeed it had flown as scheduled in the last half an hour or so obviously people here have been waking up to this awful awful news we’ve just had a statement put out by Ukraine’s President Vladimir at Silencio just read to you in fact I can’t really chew because my phone is frozen but there has been a statement in which he called it very scary sad news he talked about it in terms of it being a disaster certainly that’s the phrases that have been used widely here the foreign ministry as echoed that saying that a disaster had happened that the plane had fallen near Tehran shortly after takeoff so terrible news we’ve not had anything from the airline Ukrainian international airlines at the moment it’s a privately owned company here here in Ukraine this plane of course a 737-800 very much a workhorse of aviation particularly in this part of the world not the as you mentione they’re the eighth of the 737 max that has had safety problems so yeah people here just finding out this awful awful news we’re waiting to see passenger lists of course that’s what will likely likely come out next and we’ll find out exactly how many people on board the estimates here vary from anything between about one hundred and sixty seven people on board that plane and one hndred and eighty and Ukraine international airlines as you’ve mentioned a private company the aviation analyst I spoke to recently saying you know they’ve got a great track record in terms of safety anyone who’s flown on in Ukrainian and International Airlines well know it’s not a flash airline many of its planes are kind of solid workhorses like this you don’t get any frills onboard but it does have a good safety record we’ve been going back through the files we can’t see any record of any sort of recent crash or problem with Ukrainian Airlines aircraft so yes as you mentioned it does have a pretty solid say safety record and as for now we simply don’t know what has caused this or we can go with it moment is the official information being put out by Iranian state media describing this as some sort of technical problem yeah as you say a technical problem the plane was delayed from taking off initially some reports saying there was there was a fire scene on the plane or board or what-have-you but as we as you say we’re having to wait on we for these details from the airline itself and I guess that the government in Kiev was well we’ll make a statement saying I’ve just I just managed to get my phone to work so I can tell you in full now what the we had from the the president here Vladimir is a Lenski I’ll just read it to you a scary message from the Near East this is a translation from his Ukrainian this morning after takeoff from the International Airport in Tehran a Ukrainian Airlines aircraft suffered a disaster and fell near the airport all passengers and crew members died the Embassy is going to of course keep all the family involve them informed on all the information as it comes through and there will be lists coming forward of course of who was onboard that aircraft.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY ( President of Ukraine) 

He says that his sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of all passengers and all crewmembers so a really awful.


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