Protesters and Iraqi security forces they throw Molotov cocktails and rocks and the police respond with tear gas and bullets after the week-long deadline expired they’ve been coming out in numbers to choke major highways it’s a simple strategy disrupt life so people in power take notice

Somebody Told:

How did our idea see we don’t want anything except the crop parties to leave because of the innocents are dying for how long can they stay the same.

The Mohammedan Kasam highway in multiple bridges across the capital has become battlegrounds although dozens have been wounded in two days of clashes many here say they will fight until they see real change.

People Said:

We will not retreat shoot us with live ammunition stun grenades tear gas we will not give up we will force you to leave whether you like it or not activists say government heavy-handedness and intimidation tactics only strengthen their resolve this is the blood of a martyr he was hit in front of us with a tear gas canister in his mouth all his blood is on the highway now whoever wants to carry on with their daily work let them see this blood and imagine that the next one who dies will be their brother or father these were the scenes in Basra in 48 hours the nation – collision has resulted in more deaths over a hundred protestors wounded and a further 88 arrested in Baghdad Diala the car Karbala and Basra more than 500 people have been killed in over 25 thousand wounded since October it took 48 hours after the latest escalation for the outgoing Prime Minister to comment he assured protestors their demands are being worked on and also gave them a warning.



He Said If you have the support of the people then why should you deprive people of going to schools why should you cut off the street so people cannot reach their shops this is not right this has to stop.

with no concrete steps taken to deliver jobs basic services or candidates which are not seen in being tainted by corruption or abuse of power, the protesters are unlikely to see the government’s response seriously many Iraqis are undeterred and say they will stay in the streets the government can either kill them or meet their demands to end the protests.


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