Through Fiumicino Airport in Rome, they’re taking no chances for good reason the people being monitored with heat scanners

have just flown in from Wuhan the center of the outbreak

they left before the Chinese city was put in lockdown but scenes like this have played out around the world at Sydney Airport serving Australia’s largest city many of those flying in from Wuhan on Thursday wore face masks they knew they’d be screened but there were no reports of illness and they weren’t overly worried before we got off the plane and a few Australian government people come to spray everywhere and when we get off and some people you’re in u.s. one person’s known to have contracted the virus health officials in the state of Washington where the man lives say he’s well and should be allowed home soon as of now there are at least 16 identified close contacts local health department’s started reaching out to them yesterday and continue to do so today and the list of countries with confirmed cases of the virus is getting larger most in eastern Asia but some further afield the data that we’ve gathered has suggested you know that this could be a very dangerous virus but potential for global spread and even I don’t think it’s being too extreme to say even potential you know for a global epidemic but I don’t think that’s inevitable at this point and I and the next couple of weeks will be really important to making an assessment of what the real risk is still the mere possibility needs checks like this at major airports until medical experts know a lot more there’s a whole series of questions we have to ask we don’t have all of those answers yet we have some of them we know how to diagnose it we increasingly know how to treat people when they get it what we don’t yet know ┬áis when smebody’s infectious and who they pass it on to somebody else the next few weeks could tell us exactly how much of a threat this coronavirus poses.


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