We begin with breaking news out of Syria the Turkish Defense Ministry says four Turkish soldiers have been killed by Syrian government shelling nine others were wounded in the attack and Edler province on Sunday the Turkish military sent reinforcements to northern Syria and it warned it may intervene against the government’s offensive in Aleppo.

what more can you tell us who alias Turkish military has used a have been sending reinforcements to it before the last couple of days and it was intensified yesterday as Turkey was planning to establish a military post and observation cost around serikov area because as the Syrian government advanced from south to north in at least three of the 12 Turkish military observation posts our current cities are surrounded by the Syrian government forces and the displacement is ongoing that’s why at the a mostly new military coast was to stop clearing government advance towards Western Aleppo mainly to the Surat repair to the area of the rocket where there are Syrian civilians so we yesterday we have witnessed that Turkish convoys Turkish reinforcements have been attacked by a Syrian government sections which are mainly the Shia militia groups as the military called them but in the early morning hours it seems there are four Turkish soldiers that have been killed this is at first because the 2000 I agreement this never happened yesterday military posts have been harassed by the Syrian government’s actions this year a fighter group yes Turkish convoys have been attacked by the same groups before and turkey retaliated in the same scale but exceeded yesterday and then this morning was something different and let’s not forget everything is happening despite Astana and Sochi peace process that was signed under the Goron to issue a graduation of a Russia and Iran I have spoken to some military sources they early in the morning and they they were stunned as well as see 50 government is now trying to push the opposition for a military solution rather than a political solution that has been that has been transferred to Geneva coat that you know currently there is the committee at this hundred system members are there they are trying to write a new constitution of Syria which will allow all citizens of Syria the same right but many now argue that the Syrian government is not abiding by this is not actually supporting the constitutional court process of course this incident is very important because turkey and Russia has been on the same page inside Syria for a while despite bilateral political and diplomatic crisis like shutting both sides each other just inside over Syria but now people are afraid whether Russia and Turkey will confront each other or Turkish army will direct the confront and Syrian army which could which could be made a real war that done because so far all the harassment came through the and she has fighter groups which were under control of the Syrian government the Syrian government has never directly affected a Turkish army but we know that as the Syrian government has advanced inside Syria and has gained back its territory from from the Syrian opposition health areas and other areas and now they are pushing tricky to evacuate the military posts into the escalation zone which is a bit and let’s not forget Turkey is in the D escalations on the 12th military observation post upon the request of the Syrian government and under the mediation of Russia and Turkey says you invited me here why should I leave right now unless there’s a real political solution with the Syrian opposition and also this goes for the same as in schools the same way and for the other territories that are under the control of the Syrian opposition which – which is backed by the Syrian and by the Turkish army that is called or olive branch areas and other other area so now it’s the risk that those areas are going to be destabilized but of course presidents are John is going to fly to Ukraine today and within a few hours and he’s expected to speak before his flight so the messages that he’s going to deliver before flying to acquaint are going to be very important.


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