Pegasus Airlines flight has skidded off the runway while landing at one of his stumbles main airports Turkish authorities say all 171 passengers and six crew members on board survives fifty-two are injured and have been taken to hospital the Boeing 737 was landing at Sabiha gökçen Airport when it crashed splitting into three parts it was traveling from the Turkish city of Izmir let’s get the who’s in Istanbul for us so tell us about what’s been happening and have all the passengers been removed from the airplane.

Reporter Said: They have the India they have been removed from that plane and the 53 who were injured at the moment of the crash was sent to hospitals in Istanbul to be treated however investigators are now trying to determine exactly what happened at the moment when the plane was touching down because what happened later was basically the plane veering off the runway bursting into flame and breaking into three pieces and they are trying to establish whether there was any mechanical problem that led to this crash or this was related in a way or another to bad weather conditions strong winds were reported at the very same time when the plane was attempting to touch down at the Sabiha gökçen airport so this is exactly I think what they are investigators and the authorities are trying to look into with more details to come up with more clarity about what happened to the Boeing 737.

Right, a lot of questions in indeed what impact has this had on operations at Sabiha go chain Airport?

Reporter Said: The authorities have closed the airport and then redirected most of the flights to neighboring airports in Istanbul and I think they are trying at this particular moment to ensure that everything is under control and before making any decision in the near in the coming hour they would like to establish exactly whether this was a technical failure or related to weather conditions so this explains why they are taking all those pre-emptive and measures but I have also to remind our viewers that the same low-budget company Pegasus Airlines suffered a similar incident about a month ago when one of its airplanes slid off the runway at the Sabiha gökçen Airport and then the investigators established later that this was related to poor weather conditions then.


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