Even in death Kenya’s second president Daniel Arap Moi remains a deeply polarizing figure the man who led the country for 24 years has divided opinion on how canyons remember him thousands attended his funeral service in Nairobi and those who stood to speak led by heads of state from Kenya and neighboring countries called him a statesman a nationalist and pan-African a man of integrity and selflessness.





He said: The country and its commitment to uniting Kenyans informed his eye of the philosophy of peace love and unity which became the rallying call for our nation.


it’s exactly what I wore when I was in Kuwait um where I remembers him differently we were treated worse than convicted criminals he reads to us an excerpt from his book I refuse to die I was to be punished which documents his life under Moyes rule he remembers the detention torture and how he was hounded even after his release and forced into exile thousands of the former president’s political opponents were detained after an attempted coup in 1982 and during the clamor for democracy in the 1990s.

There is nothing more harrowing than total isolation it broke people and it breaks people in fact I know people who could not deal with isolation how they got strokes some just went crazy so that was my kind of detention.

Moyes body lain stayed for three days government officials see more than 200,000 people came to see him Sam told us it was out of curiosity because as president he was unreachable as much as he seemed to be everywhere.

many of those who lived to Morris time in office say he was larger than life his presence was felt everywhere his face was on the currency streets building than even a national holiday was named after him TV bulletins always started with his news and his wife was low some people also accuse him and his colleagues of plundering the economy allowing tribal violence to persist and nearly destroying the country but many who came to this stadium named after him said no matter his mistakes he was a symbol of peace and unity.



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