Now within the last hour or so we’ve been learning of there has been an earthquake in the far eastern province of Turkey van right on the border with Iran the epicenter though of this earthquake apparently is on the other side of the border in Iran in a small village a few kilometers away from the Turkish border. but Jabara is our correspondent. He’s in a hat. Thai province in southern Turkey. what more can you tell us in about this earthquake that is affecting eastern Turkey as well as western Iran? well, the authorities here are saying that eight people were killed and 21 injured in the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that hit the areas on the border with Iran particularly in that province of a van and the areas particularly affected are GU velak and Ospina now the they also say that they are concerned many people are still trapped under the rubble and the rescue operation is underway.

We’re talking about an area.That’s rather on the border and the authorities and the rescuers have really to go through all those villages in the mountainous areas for them to be able to establish and gauge the scope and the magnitude of the damage and those areas are on the border with Iran and this explains why they are some of the most seismically active in the world in last month for example 41 people were killed in an earthquake that had two provinces in in in the eastern part of Turkey Eliza and Malatya and more than a hundred and five hundred 1500 people were injured in that earthquake.The authorities are saying they are doing their best to try to get closer to all the areas that are affected and to ensure that also they retrieve all those who are still now buried under the rubble.





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