Milan’s Piazza del duomo normally bustling now virtually at a standstill the coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy’s Lombardy region means even the site’s historic Duomo Cathedral is closed to visitors and lots of here aren’t happy.

I hope next week they managed to solve the matter because the restaurants are empty the cafes are empty the trams and trains are empty I don’t know how long we will deal with the situation.

since the primary coronavirus case was detected in Italy the stock exchange has plunged 8% making many worry about how precisely the fragile economy will cope it isn’t just tourists who are missing from this famous square it’s also residents many of whom now find themselves performing from home like Mara Monti a tutorial coordinator at a university in Milan who’s trying to stay things calm for her family in order that they can all adapt to things the priority is there.

I receive messages from all over the world from my students and over the world a priority that they’re concerned about me about my situation by the university my family Mata wants to make sure her son and daughter take the necessary precautions by the sound of it her advice has already made an impression.

I always bring my sunny ties in gel with me like yesterday once I was having ice cream with my girlfriends and that I made them all wash their hands in the dark Milan looks and feels even emptier tables with nobody to take a seat around them waiting staff with nobody to serve before we’ve much customer boots now everywhere is dried off even industries they made sure.






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