Afghanistan many still in disbelief that what had been unthinkable is occurring the US and the Taliban believing one another Mohammed Aziz maybe a beat this has been the most peaceful week Kabul has seen in years.

we can leave the fear of anything yeah the equipment is between the American and tolerance it will affect that is going to behave many effects on Afghan people because the security of Afghanistan is within the hand of the Americans.

But outside of Kabul in trouble Suraj sugar, Mohammad wonders about his future he has mixed feelings the Taliban ruled here before so he knows them well.

They’re some it’s bad if the Taliban come I won’t be able to run my business they forbid music I will need to leave the country for the past 40 years foreigners didn’t allow us to live in peace that’s why the country is in this situation it’s could also be better if they leave but there’ll be no peace with the Taliban it’ll be worse I’m scared.

The war has been devastating for baby girl her husband a soldier during a national army was killed during a suicide attack in her home province of Lachman then another four members of her family died in another attack being a widow with seven children is hard they helped out by polishing shoes on the streets or begging within the market.

we’ve never had any help from anyone it is a miserable life my son’s collect trash that we will burn it within the stove the foreigners must stay I have never seen anything good from the government and therefore the Taliban destroyed our lives it’s due to them that we became beggars it’s humiliating only the foreigners can help us.

The Taliban controls nearly half the country mainly rural areas where most of the war against American troops unfolded people are told that they’re going to fully withdraw soon and there is a way of victory.

People are happy we also want peace and security Taliban are committed to their promise the fighters obey whatever orders they get this is often an enormous success for us back within the cities in at my ear is worried she was born as a refugee in Iran now she’s a university student a part of a replacement generation filled with aspiration everybody knows that Taliban’s their ideas like how limited and closed-minded they are and if they are available to the government like officially they can’t implement their limitations officially they can implement and other people which will be heard because the women because Taliban I’m never good with women the people working within the government or officials they are doing not have peace between themselves and that I don’t think if we are gonna have this with somebody else like Taliban.




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