Hope of ever seeing her father again she’s convinced he was killed within the riot which rocked Delhi such was the carnage identifying his body has been difficult for every week she’s been coming to the morgue trying to find closure my father’s whole body was burnt and just one leg was recovered so right now the doctors are saying how can we believe that it had been your father you can’t recognize anything through just one leg the family must know to await a DNA test to verify their fears last week’s mob violence left many Indians confused and afraid large parts of the capital became battlefields.

Homes and houses of worship torched within the washed religious riots in decades after the communal rioting a communal cleanup effort is underway this once a classroom no charred textbook survived the hearth outside the courtyard once crammed with noisy children no packed with police the varsity bus barely recognizable.

SCHOOL OWNER SAID: At this school, we had half Hindu children in half Muslim girls and boys study here together it is a co-educational school.
I can not understand why someone would do something like this. some of the victims ended over here a shelter for the Muslim families made homeless by the once and violence traumatized by mobs their faith keeps them going but their future is uncertain.

When the attackers ran after us we somehow managed to run away we didn’t take anything with us only the garments we were wearing we’ve borrowed clothes from people here we didn’t bring anything with us now once. I call the landlord he doesn’t answer our phones he says he has broken our look and asked us to never come again.

There are voices of reason Muslim and Hindu business owners from the riot areas marched together for peace such a lot love between us we cannot live without each other to measure amorously and dignity and affection with one another and fraught times it’s a strong reminder that for all those that saw the vision many here remain united.

Reporter: Well, first the sentiment among survivors continues to be that of shock in fear most of the survivors are still too afraid to travel back to the neighborhoods where their homes were attacked they fled these neighborhoods to closeby neighborhoods that were protected and live with friends and neighbors essentially they’re the sole people that have gone back is to see if there’s anything that they will salvage from the arson and loot that hit their homes now the Delhi government the local government has offered places of shelter medicine even monetary compensation but there’s also been heavy criticism that this came late that this is often not enough that it’s not reaching enough people and that the bulk of the relief efforts the brunt of it’s being borne by relief workers who are civilians they’ve been civilian involves it and there are many that are gathering such relief material including sanitary pads medicines and every one sorts of essentials and shipping them over and finding the victims in these neighborhoods who are not chosen to require shelter in many of the shelters the government has provided additionally the national government has been relatively mute when it involves relief work and this is often also something which is inviting heavy criticism as long as leaders of the BJP have been criticized and accused of actually inciting these riots.

There are serious allegations by eyewitnesses also as by forcing media clips saturating but no institutional investigation has been implemented there has been some criticism from the courts but again there’s not been a true involve investigation civil society has tried to initiate investigations of its own the one thing that the courts have pointed out is that hate speech cases haven’t been registered by the Delhi police now these hate speech cases there has been a call for them against BJP leaders who made incendiary or provocative speeches but the Delhi Police has not actually filed these cases and also that hasn’t been any indications from the Delhi police that they’re going to investigate their internal forces the people that were deployed on the bottom and take any kind of action they need however filed multiple fi RS or basically first information reports they need to be made many arrests but nothing thus far about police complacency and at the worst complicity from the Delhi Police.





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