This is what streets will appear as if here in France for a minimum of fortnight because the country is under lockdown and therefore the peak of the epidemic is a minimum of a couple of weeks away.


Those preparations nothing is normal here in Serbia any more streets are empty shops are closed and people start to stress about their economic future.


From the start of the crisis Israel has taken drastic steps to hamper the spread of covert 19 Israelis coming back from any country have to go straight into self-quarantine for 14 days foreigners cannot enter the country unless they need an area to quarantine the countries under partial lockdown schools malls restaurants and cultural places are closed the Palestinian Authority has also put in place strict measures there’s tons of worry a few possible outbreaks of the virus within the closed of Gaza Strip.


Istanbul is adapting to life under coronavirus even the city’s beloved coffee shops are now shuttered along with bars theatres cinemas the faculties too are closed for a minimum of two weeks and therefore the city’s mosques have canceled prayers this is often a city adapting to a replacement life.


The amount of coronavirus cases is steadily increasing in Pakistan yet we see the life goes on pretty normally here within the city of Karachi people aren’t following the health directives they’re taking it pretty lightly and if they still roll in the hay Pakistan might be the subsequent epicenter of the coronavirus and therefore the next few days are very crucial on how Pakistan is going to affect the coronavirus situation.


There’s a general atmosphere of panic in India regarding carbon 19 across many nations schools malls and movie theaters are packed up and companies have switched to Delhi working while experts claim that India isn’t conducting enough tests the govt says that they’re taking all possible measures to contain the spread of the virus.


Malaysia begins 14 days of restricted movement now except under special circumstances foreigners aren’t allowed into the country Malaysians aren’t allowed to go away a rustic people were hoarding food the govt asks the public please don’t do that there’s enough food to travel around for everybody as long as people don’t hoard food it looks like now people are following through on this now I speak to a variety of Malaysians who tell me they’re comfortable with the government’s decision despite the inconveniences of these 14 days that restrict the movement but they believe that within the end of the day it is the neatest thing for his or her health and the best thing for the country.


After seemingly containing the virus here in Hong Kong the big fear now’s second waves of infections there’s already been a surge in recent days of imported cases sometimes now taking status or pack up the outside.


life remains relatively calm in Taiwan panic is never seen here / vigilance has been the very beginning of the outbreak wearing a mask and temperature checks have become the daily routine on the island.


South Korea appears to be making some progress in its battle against the coronavirus as you’ll see here the streets and sidewalks the capital seems to have kind of regular traffic although honestly. it is from the norm there remains concern regarding cluster outbreaks through here within the capital Seoul still the most point is over the past week especially we have seen a decline within the confirmed coronavirus cases announced with fewer than a hundred beginning every day South Koreans seem to be prepared though for an ongoing kind of containment and mitigation South Korean schools that were announced in the week will remain closed through April 6th and therefore the government is encouraging people still to remain indoors banning large gatherings and in fact always calling on everyone to remain clean.


South Africa declared the outbreak and national disaster schools closed many land borders closed people from high-risk countries aren’t allowed to enter anymore but the key question here is will the health sector be ready to cope with an increasing number of infections.


I could never have imagined that people in Europe would inquire from me to send them this hand sanitizers from Nigeria but nothing is normal lately here in West Africa a neighborhood where people already based infrastructure and security challenges they now watch in disbelief as people are fighting over the twilit paper in parts of the planet considered far better off thus far there’s no panic here is merely a little number of cases are confirmed across the region so are we lucky people ask me or just far better prepared with lessons learned from the Ebola crisis and as you look up here at this newspaper stand you’ll not find the coronavirus within the main headlines but rather the price from an explosion here in Lagos ordinary citizens appear to be less concerned about catching the coronavirus. themselves and more about the economic impact the spread of the virus in other parts of the planet may have on them.


Columbia is nervous with the government announcing more and more drastic measures a day there’s little trust in its ability to truly enforce them people also fear that a spike in cases might cause the collapse of an already unstable healthcare system.


We’re in Georgetown Washington DC and normally what you see here is bumper-to-bumper traffic jam day and night and other people on the sidewalks everywhere the place now it’s virtually deserted this is often the coronavirus seeping through the cracks of what was the American lives just days ago now this is all getting to change.




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