India is packed with a myriad of tourist charms that projects tapestry Indian cultural traditions that captivate throng of hardcore gallivanters from every nook and corner of the world. But, Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra are the life, soul, and breath of this country that magnet historic lovers from decades. If you’ve got the same knack to admire the beauty of a bygone era, then Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra are the three absolute places to explore more in less time! If you’re planning a serious sneak out from the monotony of your life, then we have done a little homework for you! Here’s the quick checklist that will surely help you to navigate some major attractions of your golden triangle tour that is Delhi, Jaipur, and AgraTour Package.



Starting from the nation’s capital Delhi, this city is the heart of the country. Delhi is famed for its ancient remnants of the Mughal Dynasty, sculptures, paintings, artifacts, and Food! If you’re a veteran of this city for 2-3 days or planning local sightseeing to taste the fancy rich Indian cultures and values, Delhi is a place that won’t let you leave empty. The city is coiled up with an array of ancient remnants of the 17th century that still holds in the essence of a bygone era, worthwhile to visit. Some of them are listed below. Book

India Gate

This marvelous structure was built in 1931 as a memento for our 70,000 Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives during world war 2 and Indo- Afghan war. India gate has a special significance for Delhiites. Republic Day is the best time to experience the real beauty of this structure when the whole nation is drenched up with the feeling of patriotism. The lush green lawns situated on the outskirts of India gate are the ideal picnic spot to spend your valued time with your tribe. Book Delhi Tour Packages.

Old Market

This place might feel a little overwhelming and chaotic when you have to team up with a throng of people and the hustle-bustle of this place. The markets of purani Delhi, are quenching the needs of Indian buyers from the early 17th century. Gather some pieces of ancient architecture that are hidden under the streets of old markets on foot. The markets are strongly dominated by fancy clothes, electric equipment, etc. Book golden triangle tour packages

Hauz Khas Village

 With welcoming modern bars and cafes, this place is a perfect equilibrium where the ancient remnants of a bygone era beautifully blend with the vibes of modern society. If you’re looking for a “me time” or a romantic visit to spend some quality time with your better half, Hauz Khas village is undeniably good to feel the pulse of India’s amazing rich culture and it’s the creative scene. Hauz Khas is easily approachable and less crowded on weekdays. Stroll around the historic tombs, mosque, and lakes to make your visit worthwhile. Book

Palika Bazaar

To subtle your shopping hormones, Palika bazaar is an absolute place to give a nice change to your wardrobes with some fancy set of clothes. Followed by clothes the markets are largely dominated with electrical equipment and PC games accessories. Palika Bazaar is an underground marketplace situated near the inner circle of Rajiv Chowk.  Rajiv Chowk is the nearest metro station to reach this place.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

 Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is highly recommended for every traveler visiting Delhi for the first time. The temple is famous for its amazing Sikh religion and its culture that portrays the real definition of Humanity. This marvelous temple was the idea of Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1983. Sardar Bhagel Singh eight important Gurudwaras in Delhi and Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the most prominent among other Sikh temples around the city. The temple is highly sanitized and maintained with the Shishya (followers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji ) who have devoted their lives to adhere on the path of faith, truth, and humanity. Book


Jaipur is framed for unrivaled architecture, ancient strong forts, and lavish Rajasthani cuisines. The city is jam-packed with gorgeously decorated elephants, fearsome Rajputana’s glorious stories, and enthralling cultural insights. The pink hue illuminating from the walls of the city named this place as a pink city. Jaipur is worthwhile to visit if you want to taste some rich Rajasthani culture. Book Jaipur tour packages

Jaigarh Fort

jaigarh fort holds up the world’s largest cannon, Jaivana that was used to rain death on enemies. Jaigarh fort was used to house large weapons, ammunition, and artillery. The fort is located near Amer and Nahargarh Fort that comes on the midway. The fort purvey a plethora of breathtaking views of the sunset from the top. Also, don’t forget to visit the artillery museum inside the premises of this fort that has a huge collection of ancient weapons that were used by Kings to combat the enemies. Book Jaipur holidays packages

Chokhi Dhani

Choki Dhani Jaipur is gaining traction and people are flying from every nook and corner of the world just to have a feel of the cultural and Rajasthani heritage manifesto. “Choki Dhani” means Rajasthani culture, and this place is fully established with the pure essence of Rajasthani culture, heritage, and tradition. The resort has welcomed national and international tourists since 1989 and is swiftly gaining popularity. The resort village has reconstructed and evolved many times till yet. This place reflects the hardcore Rajasthani traditions and values. The fancy art and clothes attract a horde of tourists from worldwide. If you haven’t tasted the Rajasthani cuisine yet, this place is a junction of an array of several flavorsome homestyle dishes that will give an emotional outburst to your taste buds. It also has state of the art 5 stars hotels, cottage rooms or Havelis whatever fits for you. The resort is beautifully composed of ancient relics and vintage furnishings to spread the fragrance of real Rajasthani culture

Rambagh Palace

This marvelous masterpiece has conquered the hearts of many tourists around the world. Rambagh palace once used to be the seat of Maharaja of Jaipur during the reign of the 17th to 18th centuries. Now the palace is reestablished as a luxurious five-star hotel. This palace is an intriguing architecture of intricate designs that has carvings that have drawn the attention of many across the country. The palace projects a unique blend of Mughal and Rajputana architecture that are hard to spot in other forts or palaces.

Nahargarh fort

The Nahargarh fort of the Aravalli ranges was known as the defensive fort that was used to safeguard Amer and Jaipur. Nahargarh Fort is the most frequently visited place that magnet visitors with its marvelous architects and designs. The structure provides scenic viewpoints of sunset and sunrise. Don’t forget to visit the Jaipur wax museum and also the city’s night charms from the fort’s restaurants.


Agra is a city of love that holds up a myriad of amazing architectures and ancient heritage. It is a city that is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. But, there are many other unseen Mughal forts that have faded out under the beauty of the Taj Mahal. Book

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal is famed as a symbol of pure love and affection that has now faded with the sands of time. In today’s era this structure still inspires people and tells the real definition of love and happiness. Taj Mahal was established in the city of Agra. It was founded by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz. Every year many visitors, larger than the population of Agra, visit this place to admire the beauty of this structure. This structure has covered the area of 42 acres and was built with the white marble that was brought from Makrana, Rajasthan. The welcoming water channels and fountains near the gates captivates the hearts of many tourists. Book Agra Trip Packages.

Agra Fort

Agra fort also is known as the red fort of Agra. This architectural masterpiece was built in 1573 by the emperor Akbar. Agra Fort is also known as one of the finest Mughal forts in India. Some of the finest Mughal structures such as Sheesh Mahal and Diwan e- aam are part of Mughal that will teleport you into the bygone era of the Mughal dynasty. The Amar Singh gate was built to confuse and deceive the attackers with its dogleg architecture designs that will surely make you jump out of your skin for a while!

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