officials say a minimum of eight-six people rather are killed after a strong earthquake in southern Mexico the epicenter of the quake was located near the Pacific Coast within the state of Oaxaca the tremors knocked out power and caused severe damage in some areas pavements wobbled many kilometers away in Mexico City.



standing on shaky ground and feeling the world swaying beneath one’s feet shockwaves from a strong earthquake brought towns and cities across Mexico to a halt residents flooded the streets seeking safety on shifting pavement it had been very strong I had never felt such a robust earthquake only in 1985 today’s earthquake felt very very strong we were so afraid it had been pretty severe and with kovat 19 you think that what’s next hospitals were affected too but while medical staff and patients were evacuated those affected by the corona virus remained isolated inside I felt how the bed was moving i used to be sleeping then I saw how the curtains everything was moving the quake hit at a time when Mexico was already reeling from the corona virus pandemic which has claimed quite 22,000 lives thus far Latin America’s second highest toll but the tremors effects could are much worse Mexico’s president announced that the country’s infrastructure suffered no serious damage but he warned citizens to remain cautious just busy after the strong 7.5 earthquake see that there are 147 aftershocks the mall okay in order that they recommend that we remain alert and attentive Indian this bindle but while feeling the aftershocks some Mexicans preferred appealing to a better power.

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