The way you decor sets the tone for your house and your walls play an important role because it almost makes half your decoration process. Don’t you like your walls to depict your mind? As they assert, the sort of wall texture design that you simply choose says more about you. Here are a number of the foremost amazing textured paint for walls interior designs for your interiors which will totally illuminate your home and add more elegance thereto.

  1. Elegant

This texture paint – wall texture designs for the front room from Kamdhenu, with purple and lavender shades bring about sophistication to your walls. The thick formation of this interior textured wall paint spreads across any surface, giving your walls a superb finish. This texture paint design can undoubtedly make your front room walls a masterpiece.

  1. Rust Box

If you’re a nature person and love the touch of rustic metal colors, then the rust box texture design goes to form you go spellbound. This wall texture design for the front room from Kamdhenu’s wall texture designs is Inspired from the raw and natural patterns of corroding rust and distressed metals because it brings a natural yet modern touch.

  1. Sea Gold

Gold and blue together on your walls is an attention-grabbing combination. This again is from Kamdhenu’s wall texture design and this might be the foremost exquisite texture paint designs for your bedroom. It comes with golden shine mixed with bluish sheen and provides your wall a singular look. This blue and golden texture design add a replacement dimension of interest and uniqueness to your front room.

  1. Out of Sea

If you’re an individual who likes the blues of the water, this one for you. This wall paint texture design comes with a textured finish, with sparkly blues that features a touch of breeziness in it. This color adds a touch of freshness and shimmer to your front room.

  1. Ravishing Red

This could be the wall texture paint that you simply should be filling your bedroom walls with. This one again comes from the Kamdhenu’s wall texture design and features a set of luminous reminders red mixed with one another giving your walls a glamorous glow. This one can make your bedroom more cozy and dreamy.

  1. Purple Frost

Sound textures and bold colors can add an entirely new dimension to your home. Purple frost is one such exquisite design from Kamdhenu’s wall texture design. This one comes with the touch of gold, which adds more uniqueness within the texture paint designs for the front room. 

Make the foremost of your walls with these fabulous interior texture designs for the front room, halls, and youngsters room. you’ll use Kamdhenu Paint Momento Dzine to recreate the above designs, and we are sure that your wall texture design is going to be everyone’s favorite.

For a far better painting experience, choose our professional painters from the Pro store and obtain the work done precisely. you’ll also inspect our paint calculator tool to understand the precise quantity of paint required to furnish your entire home.

FAQ – Wall Texture Designs

  1. What’s the wall texture?

Wall textures are designs or simple strokes, or patterns on the wall that prettifies the wall and therefore space.

  1. What’s the wall texture made of? 

Wall textures are often made with simple paint strokes, rollers, and stencils or with materials like stone, and woodworks.

  1. What are the 4 sorts of texture? 

The four major wall textures are: 

  • Tactile 
  • Visual 
  • Natural 
  • Artificial

These are the four major types, in common and different combinations give more versatile options. for instance, color combinations, texture materials, wall texture designs, and more.

  1. What proportion does texture paint cost?

Check out the Kamdhenu Paint for product ranges and price rates, a premium wall texture paint uses texture paint rollers and paint over the wall.

  1. the way to apply textured paint to walls?
  • Get your required texture paint rollers, or stencils, paint colors.
  • Choose color schemes.
  • Sand the walls well.
  • Apply primer over the sanded wall.
  • Use spray paints or paint over the wall. 


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