Summer isn’t just about lawn; it might be suitable for casual wearing, but some special occasions call for a special dress. Raw silk is one of the most prime choices when we talk about festive wearing. The elegance and soft-touch offered by raw silk are unbeatable. Keeping this in mind, the re-known brand Zaaviay introduced the Arzish collection Volume 2 Pakistani wedding dress. The first volume was a great hit, and women of all ages, who love raw silk made at least one dress part of their wardrobe. Zaaviay is known to deal with clothing that you can experience every day: Alongside their Daily wear, and unstitched fabric their silk, formal wear, and party wear collection is highly demanded in all ages.

The Arzish collection consists of pure raw silk dresses that are ready to wear. It offers the luxury pre touch with rich details in-touched with sophistication. The handmade embroidery and fine craftsmanship played their role well to make a luxurious statement with the best brand at your special events. The overarching theme of the collections is providing luxury designer clothes to the most classy and choosy women. The Arzish collection is designed to provide peace of mind. Zaaviay is well aware of the needs of its customers, so they focus on comfort, happiness, and satisfaction. They want to become a part of your life through their finely designed products. Arzish consistently delivers a positive experience, trust, which gives peace of mind, to make you look wonderful on any occasion.

With the arrival of the summer, women start to think about wearing cool and comfortable outfits in a hot season. The right selection of the dress is really a difficult thing.

Women’s Arzish collection vol.2 holds true masterpieces that can set and make you feel extraordinary at any event. These creative designs and comfortable fabric have the ability to suit everyone’s taste. The excellent quality of the clothing is very constant in a new line. Zaaviya is known to work for its customers and it is always creative and packed with unique ideas that can become the choice of every woman. They know the importance of crafted fashion, investing the money in this clothing line can be a fine choice to satisfy your needs for a formal pure raw silk dress.

Graceful SILK dress designs

Silk is always a good choice, no matter what time of year, it is. A popular dress to be worn during summers due to the properties of weightlessness. These dresses are designed using the lightest fabric, which is 100% natural. These dresses are soft, luxurious,& very thin and while you are wearing them, Nothing is felt like you are wearing bulky clothing. It absorbs the moisture and helps in keeping you dry. These p clothes are made in a royal style to make you stand out and vibrant. This clothing collection is much more than just colors, patterns, and styles. Pure raw silk designs are ready to wear and make you rock anywhere you go.

Get advantage of the choices

Women Arzish collection Vol2 offers various styling options to suit your needs; you can select from raw silk trousers, summer silk pants, pure raw luxury silk shirts to be graceful in your own style.

Eminent Embroidery designs

Traditional embroidery is loved by all women, and keeping this in mind dupatta, Shirts and trousers, are ornamented with an imperial look with the machinery and handmade embroidery designs finished with high-end quality work of babka, kora, zari, and aari. In this age of technology, Zaaviya remembers the traditional and cultural values of Pakistani people. They make sure everyone can enjoy their special events in this hot summer only by Arzish.


Women’s Arzish collection vol2 in Pakistan is the best choice in summer because you will always make the best impression with your clothing, in every kind of weather.

They have unique dresses versatile ready to wear dresses, so you don’t have to waste hours with a professional tailor to get the dress of your choice. The variety that Arzish provides is overwhelming for women of all ages, and they deserve the price tag. The devoting by the brand is prominent in their collection. The huge variety of colors and styles make it an easy choice for everyone, regardless of what size or age you are in the collection. It is sure to suit all women. The traditional and elegant embroidery speaks of itself and makes every dress a true combination of elegance and class.

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