A Seoul Mayor Funeral that has brought both grief and anger Park Won-soon state-funded funeral has split popular opinion in Seoul plans for an outsized outdoor memorial were scrapped in favor of a quieter service where mourners could join online to some park was a respected politician and women’s rights, advocate.


Well, I’m devastated heartbroken and in shock but above all the very fact that we lost a reliable politician saddens me the foremost.

But to others, Park was a predator his former secretary has accused him of abusing her for four years.

Her lawyer spoke to reporters after the funeral.


(Lawyer of the alleged victim)

He sexually harassed the victim by kissing her bruised knee saying that he would make it better by requesting a hug and making physical contact after calling the victim into his office bedroom by inviting the victim into a private chat room on telegram and by sending lewd text messages and pictures of him wearing only underwear.

Officials have been tight-lipped about the allegations and complaints filed against Park activists are calling for the investigation to travel ahead despite his death.

For more thereon let’s cross to Seoul and our correspondent.

Why is that this funeral so controversial?

Well, it’s getting to be a five-day funeral a five-day memorial service. for the previous deceased mayor now there’s that online petition that you mentioned also another conservative group tried to possess an injunction put in place to stop this five-day funeral from happening it is a Seoul City and the petition suggested and conservatives have suggested that it would be more appropriate given the nature of his death and therefore the allegations against him that there be a way more subdued three-day kind of family funeral instead.

So what about the person himself tell us more about Park Won-soon?

Well, he’s a former human rights lawyer he actually represented women that were trying to sue the Japanese government for reparations for being enslaved sexually during the Japanese colonial period here in South Korea he’s also was head of South Korea’s largest NGO for several years and let’s remember he’s a three-term mayor he was re-elected twice and he’s also been suggested as a robust candidate for the presidency of South Korea there’ll be a presidential election in 2022.

So what do this controversy around him and his death tell us about South Korea today?

Well if we assume that the charges or allegations against him have some substance it’s questionable whether South Korea has really come that far the Busan the mayor of Busan resigned earlier this year amid sexual assault allegations a governor in South Korea a year and a half ago was given a three and a half year sentence for rape and sexual abuse as of his former secretary and therefore the big news today though was this afternoon when representatives of the previous secretary and came forward and said that they wanted to ascertain you know her protected by the law and she or he initially wanted to ascertain an apology from the mayor and it even expressed some remorse she had allegedly been abused by the mayor during this way with messages and inappropriate contact for something like four years and she or he also involved a probe and a few countermeasures in order that this doesn’t still happen in South Korea.

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