Breaking news congressman john lewis has died a hero of the civil rights movement john lewis stood shoulder to shoulder with dr martin Luther king jr fighting for equal rights and later became a longtime congressman from Georgia often mentioned because the conscience of the house late last year lewis announced he was undergoing treatment for stage four carcinoma in his statement announcing his illness lewis said I even have been in some quite fight for freedom equality basic human rights for nearly my entire life. he went on to mention I’ve never faced a fight quite just like the one.

The long-lasting life of john lewis john Robert lewis didn’t simply witness history. he shaped it marched for it bled for it once not twice but whenever he was called upon as lewis liked to place it by just getting in the way.


John Lewis Said: keep marching keep sitting in keep standing in keep protesting until the sagging walls of segregation come tumbling down.

A sharecropper’s son born in troy Alabama 1940 back when segregation was law jim crow the enforcer.

The Montgomery bus boycott drew the attention of 1 teenager and shortly civil rights would become john lewis’s life work and it nearly killed him as a student at fisk university lewis graduated from lunch counter sit-ins and bus boycotts to freedom rider as would become his habit where john lewis put his heart his head followed that’s him bruised bandaged after he and other riders were beaten shedding blood and standing up when others couldn’t or would not that became lewis’s calling card.

John Lewis said: We must cry and that we all must cry together that we would like our freedom and that we want it now.

1963 at the age of 23 alongside martin Luther king jr, he was dubbed one among the large six leaders of the civil rights movement who helped plan the historic advance Washington.

my friend allows us to not forget that we are involved during a serious social revolution and on a high bridge in Selma one among the low moments of the whole civil rights movement they’re ahead 600 peaceful protesters.

Crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge into the tough heat of history. it would be referred to as bloody Sunday violence unleashed by Alabama state troopers lewis struck within the head suffered a fractured skull.

I was the primary one to catch the blow john lewis was elected to Congress in November of 1986. he served as u.s representative of Georgia’s fifth district where he continued to urge into what he called good trouble. I got arrested 40 times during the sixties and since. I have been in congress another five times lewis was awarded the presidential medal of freedom the country’s highest civilian honor in February of 2011.

Barack Obama Said:

Generations from now when parents teach their children what is meant by courage the story of john lewis will come to mind an American who knew that change could not wait for another person or some other time whose life may be a lesson within the fierce urgency of now.

in recent years he was an outspoken critic of president trump skipping the president’s inauguration in the first state of the union address he also took part in widespread protests against the president’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

we are getting in good trouble to line people free I will attend the borders I buy arrested again lewis often reminding people to settle on love over hate courage over fear.

it doesn’t matter whether we are black or white Latino Asian American or Native American it doesn’t matter whether we are straight or gay we are one people we are one family we all sleep in an equivalent house

How will john lewis be remembered?

I think tonight john lewis joins the league of giants in American history this is a person. who was a neighborhood of history who gave him all he had thereto you know within the course of my career I’ve interviewed presidents warlords dictators gangbangers john lewis was the toughest man I’ve never know he was also the gentlest man he was someone in Washington where it’s hard to form friends there are many people that didn’t like john lewis’s politics who you will not find an individual who didn’t respect the person and most of the people love the person. recognize a lot of folks you know ask talk john lewis talked it walked it lived it he’s one among those forces in American history that when he was called upon to place his life in harm’s thanks to in his best destination to assist make America better he did and you recognize I spent tons of time with congressman lewis and for all the dark days in American history that he witnessed he was a neighborhood of he was also one of the foremost optimistic people I’ve ever known he loved America as much as any American. I’ve ever met he’ll be remembered as a person who gave his full measure to the present nation every time he was called upon and tonight as I said he rests with giants.

Congressman john lewis a hero of the civil rights movement has died he had been battling pancreatic cancer and he is going to be remembered for his long history in politics and for the fight for equality.

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