Breaking news in new jersey a deadly shooting inside the house of a Newark federal judge. The gunman during this shooting still on the loose police says he was dressed as a federal express delivery driver. when he knocked on the door of district court judge Esther Salas. she wasn’t hurt but both her husband and her son.

Reporter Said: it’s a terrible tragedy here in north brunswick where we are learning the sun has died he was the son of two prominent parents here in new jersey now we understand he was killed shot in his home consistent with the mayor of north brunswick i’m standing here on point of woods drive right behind me is the crime scene a well-manicured suburban community where there was a fatal ambush tonight according to officials someone posing as a fedex driver arrived at the family’s home around five o’clock this evening while it had been still bright outside when the sun answered the door we’re told he was shot and killed investigators say the gunman then shot the daddy multiple times we understand the daddy is a criminal defense lawyer we are awaiting word on his condition meanwhile it’s now confirmed the mother is a federal judge the honorable esther salas is the first latina in new jersey to serve on a federal bench apparently she was not hurt it isn’t clear who was the intended target authorities believe the killer took off in the same fedex truck as you’ll imagine there’s now an intense manhunt to find the gunman the fbi is now leading this investigation with assistance from the new jersey state police the north brunswick local department and the middlesex county prosecutor’s office no comment yet from the fbi at this early stage of the crime the mayor of north brunswick is personal friends with the judge and her husband he gave us this interview just a brief while ago.



judge Ester Salas and her son mark Andrew and daniel who may be a freshman in college sleep in north Brunswick and at some point today. someone who was apparently dressed as a federal express driver rang or knocked on the door and when it was answered he shot and therefore the mark Andrew has come through a surgery tonight and is now listed in stable condition and very sadly daniel has died and I understand that judge sales isn’t physically harmed.

That was the mayor of north Brunswick according to the mayor judge Salas has received threats from time to time but nothing recently u.s marshals have now been called to provide security for the judge again no word yet on her husband’s otherwise you just heard the mayor’s update on the husband’s condition but no word yet on a motive for this bloody attack at their home it’s not clear who the intended target was but we understand their young son a freshman at a catholic university was the victim tonight fatally shot as he opened the door for a gunman wearing a FedEx uniform.

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