North Korea has placed the town of Kaesong under lockdown over concerns of a coronavirus case. leader Kim Jong-un has declared a state of emergency within the area the state press agency says a defector who illegally crossed the border from the south has shown symptoms of Covid-19.

it’s the first time that North Korea.

What more can we realize this Kaesong lockdown?

This one that defected three years ago to South Korea the return go back to North Korea was on July 19 and is suspected or he or she is suspected of getting uh Covid-19.

Now the reports don’t indicate if he or she has had the official coronavirus test instead that the suggestion is that there have been several medical checkups showing respiratory symptoms uh that are linked to or similar to those uh that you simply have with the coronavirus if confirmed as you mentioned.this would be the primary case officially acknowledged by North Korea kim jong-un has had the emergency uh politburo meeting he’s declared a state of emergency also that border city of caisson has been put into a lockdown as a result as a result he’s described it as a critical uh situation now a report released by the state-run media says it’s a dangerous situation uh in k song which will cause a deadly and destructive uh disaster now North Korea has received thousands of testing kits from russia and other countries it is also had some pretty strict uh border closures in recent months but i think restrictions have eased of late now the case of this particular defector the state-run media saying he illegally he or she illegally crossed the limit on july 19 and therefore the port bureau meeting they described it during a dialogue as a loose guard performance on the front line on that particular day and clearly an investigation into the military force responsible will happen as a result now North Korea is one among the few countries uh that reportedly has had no cases now of course analysts uh foreign analysts and medical analysts have questioned this zero infection record but if uh it does get confirmed that this particular person does have coronavirus the blame clearly isn’t being placed on the north korean quarantine restrictions it’s been placed thereon defector and that i should say South Korea is yet.



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