Make note of the very fact that they’re supposed to play a game today they spent last night in Philadelphia. pick it up from there what has happened with the marlins and where is it going from here.

Following the four positive tests that they’ve had over the last 48 hours approximately there is concern inside the marlins organization about a potential outbreak and not just an outbreak of these four players but of even more at now the extent of truth outbreak is unknown but they continued to play yesterday against the Philadelphia Phillies finishing their series there and such as you said they’re scheduled to play their home opener today against the Baltimore orioles but the fact that they canceled their flight to try and find out what precisely the extent of that outbreak is before they travel is clearly a symbol that something could potentially be wrong there and that is horrifying for big-league baseball that but every week into the season there might be an outbreak inside of one of their clubhouses and trying to figure out. where to travel from here how to handle that you simply know the operations manual that they need for the league is 113 pages it doesn’t cover what to try to within the extent of an outsized outbreak.

New questions that we’re dealing in sports so at the danger of overstating this I feel I want to ask you does it feel but every week in because the one team season during this case the marlins is in some sort of real jeopardy.

There is a reason that each team has an alternate site with dozens up to 30 players and within the marlins case theirs is in Jupiter Florida about 90 miles approximately north of Miami marlins so it’s conceivable that if the marlins players the major league players were stuck in Philadelphia for the day that the marlins could theoretically ship a whole roster of players down to Miami and play them against the Baltimore orioles would that happen probably not but at now you recognize we don’t skills things are getting to operate and we do not know how long the marlins are getting to be in Philadelphia what we do know is that the players who have tested positive per the league’s protocol will be staying within the road city in which they’ve tested positive along with a minimum of one representative from the organization until the purpose where they need multiple negative tests and we do not know how long that’s you know with some players it takes a few of days with some players it takes up to a month so they might be spending an extended time there in Philadelphia.

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