The baseball season possibly on the brink the Miami marlins season is now on hold after more players and staff tested positive for coronavirus.

it took us four months to urge the season started in only a matter of days before a covet 19 outbreak on a team that seems to be getting worse by the day but also of note last night in baseball the Astros and dodgers played for the primary time since that Astro sign-stealing cheating scandal that the dodgers believe cost them a world series.

Benches cleared during a clash between the Houston Astros and l.a dodgers teams with history. Astros Carlos Correa was forced to duck this pitch from the la dodgers joe kelly the rival stampeding out of the dugouts screaming and shoving face to face no social distancing here with only the officials and coaches required to wear masks but it won’t be baseball as was common for the Miami Marlins after an epidemic of COVID-19 within the marlins clubhouse MLB has put the marlins season on hold, oh boy 17 members of the marlins organization have tested positive for COVID-19.

The marlins saying we still take this example very seriously all of our player’s coaches and staff are understandably having a difficult time enduring this experience.

The marlins were alleged to play the Washington nationals this weekend


I’m getting to be honest with you I’m scared immediately you do not know because of my heart disease what happens you recognize to me if I do get it.

The marlins outbreak has led to a domino effect their opponents last weekend the Philadelphia Phillies have now cancelled their games through Friday as a precaution including a series with the new york yankees.


if you are going to possess success on the ball field this year is you are going to possess to be ready to deal with you know the curveballs that you recognize can likely come on a daily and weekly basis.

This all comes just six days after the start of the long-delayed season I think it is the battle fatigue component is how quickly it deteriorated, in fact, athletes from other leagues are watching closely and we have heard a minimum of a dozen NFL players have opted out of their season now NHL MLS and NBA have beat their latest round of testing said zero players have tested positive in their leagues what is the difference robot and George they’re all operating during a bubble, unlike the MLB.

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