U.S china relations are hitting a replacement low with the order from china for u.s to close its consulate in Chengdu. it’s retaliation they said that outright for U.S decision earlier within the week to force the closure of china’s consulate general in Houston so as far as diplomatic relations between two global powers go we’re heading into uncharted territory.

The American flag was lowered just after dawn which signaled an end to 35 years of u.s being during this part of china American diplomats in Chengdu got 72 hours notice to filter out of the consulate over the weekend trucks carried off documents plaques and insignia were peeled from walls and at 10 a.m civil time Chinese police and officials entered the building to require control of it closing u.s consulate here was china’s retaliation for u.s shutting down the consulate general of China in Houston last week even before the state department confirmed that it had served notice to china there was wide-scale document burning in the courtyard of the Houston consulate a place the state department called a hub for Chinese intelligence operations.



it’s no secret that tension between the two countries has been ramping up for months on everything from the continued trade war to Huawei to Hong Kong to accusations over the coronavirus. but the consulate closures and therefore the accusations flying on each side bring relations to a replacement low the world’s two biggest economies forcing one another to close consulates those are big diplomatic.

Reporter: Here in Chengdu the anticipation became occasion police blocked off streets today to stay people away because the deadline approached crowds have gathered around here for days watching waiting to ascertain this final American departure another sign that decades of diplomacy appeared to be unraveling.

U.S started this but that it is the people in both countries who are the important victims once the consulate was officially in Chinese control people scrambled to ascertain it and to require selfies there was no applause for the American departure this guy showed off a shirt and pro-china supporters were escorted away like this guy praising the communist party mostly people were curious this former u.s consulate a sort of front-row seat to a much bigger political showdown as work crews began covering over any hint that America.

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