The Australia bushfires because new research has found that the crisis killed and displaced 3 billion animals that’s 3 times worse than previously thought this new report by the planet wild world wildlife fund for nature worldwide fund for nature says it checked out the amount from September to February the WWF calls it one among the worst wildlife disasters in modern history here are more details on the findings an estimated 2.46 billion reptiles were killed 180 million birds 143 million mammals 51 million frogs it’s hard to grasp isn’t it dr Stuart Blanche from WWF was involved in the report.


A lot of animals particularly those that survive the bottom which can’t run or fly away particularly for the catastrophic mega-fires they might haven’t any hope to escape other animals can fly away or hop away but even the massive fires that moved so quickly and so hot and caused such a lot stress within the animals would have killed animals which didn’t even get burned so it is uh it’s quite a challenge as a biologist to think of all the animals that we love here in Australia being killed by these fires it truly may be a catastrophe for our wildlife.

sure you remember these fires they affected nearly every Australian state during its summer they were fueled by record temperatures and prolonged drought and during the height of the crisis back in January, scientists estimated that 1.25 billion animals are killed in new south wales and victoria this new estimate though looks at the whole of Australia and it can sometimes be hard to convey the scale of what happened it’s estimated the fires burnt through more than 11 million hectares of bush forest and park that’s around the size of England and looking at these quite pictures you can see the size of the devastation homes were raised some communities were devastated at least 33 people lost their lives here’s dr Stuart blanch again.


These weren’t normal fires these were not natural fires these were Australia gets its justifiable share of bad wildfires but these were made tons worse by global heating they occurred after years of drought after record low rainfall very strong winds very low humidity it was a nightmare for firefighters to try to fight then our amazing wall of sunshine kookaburras koalas wallabies kangaroos parrots wombats echidnas only a few of them had any chance of surviving particularly the mega-fires those that burnt 1,000,000 hectares and burned at such high temperatures animals and other people died well beforehand of the fires simply because of the radiant heat.

There have been huge efforts to save wildlife you’ll well remember these pictures from November which went viral, uh this koala called lewis was plucked from a tree in new south wales and brought to an animal hospital sadly though he didn’t survive and this video from kangaroo island was viewed more than 1,000,000 times rescued koalas were put in cars and even in-car boots and brought to shelters an estimated 25 thousand koalas died just thereon island.

While hotter drier conditions are worsening Australia’s fire seasons the long-term trend towards hotter and drier weather is directly connected to global climate change professor Chris Dickman from the University of Sydney coordinated the WWF study here he’s saying what Australia may expect next summer.

We will be getting big fires again in the future, fortunately, it looks as if this coming fire season won’t be quite as bad simply because there’s been tons of winter rainfall and tons of the country that might otherwise have burnt has burned already within the last fire season but nonetheless within the years to come to the similar confluence of conditions that brought about the last fire season that is a real end of the day of hot conditions a really dry year the driest and hottest year on record in Australia if we get more runs at that kind of conditions then fire weather to top it off the conditions are likely to be set for further mega-fires.


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