Hong Kong has just announced that September’s legislative council elections are going to be postponed by one year. The vote would are hong kong’s first since a controversial security law was brought into effect at a press conference within the last hour leader Carrie lam cited the spike in coronavirus cases because the reason for the delay but opposition lawmakers accused the govt of using the outbreak to slow their pro-democracy movement here’s what lamb had to mention At that press conference.




We are getting to invoke the emergency regulations of the ordinance and affecting the delay of the elections and positively, in fact, the main content of the relevant bill and these check for justice. will give you some details later and finally we have the support of the central people’s government in making this decision.

Announced that the upcoming elections uh are being delayed what are the reactions?

The opposition came they condemned the government’s decision to postpone the election for the primary time in hong kong’s history they criticized this as like creating a constitutional crisis like from their perspective they think the govt is making use of the epidemic to stop them from winning the historic majority within the parliament which is what they need been aiming for for the upcoming election originally in order that they want to realize half of over half the seats within the parliament but that would be postponed immediately so um and also given the very fact that a lot of of them are disqualified from the election. so they think this is often another claim down on the opposition movement but on the opposite hand, the rivals the probation and pro-government politicians and candidates welcome the government decisions. where they need been lobbying for the delay like due to like citing coronavirus epidemic reasons and this is often as a sort of an obstacle for them because many of the voters are elderly and like elder people that might not be ready to come out to vote. so this is what they really yearn for.

This uptick in coronavirus infections really enough to justify moving election back for one year.

This point caroline is invoking the colonial emergency law to postpone the election. so she’s saying that this is often like out of consideration of safeguarding the public health and to affect the general public safety crisis like under the emergency law. so this is often controversial because this is like the law itself may be a piece of controversial legislation. when love it has been used like back during the protest last year but now the government is using it again to postpone the election and also the Hong Kong government is now seeking a directive from the Beijing’s top legislature that um they’re going to ask the Beijing top legislature to step in to define how the parliament will be running within the coming year before the election is organized in 2021. so this may spark another political and legal controversy of like it’ll draw criticism possible criticism of like another Beijing state intervention into hong kong’s local affairs.

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