U.S President Donald Trump risks alienating young voters before November’s election if he goes ahead with a ban on the popular video app TikTok.

The app mostly employed by people under 20 is owned by Chinese company bite dance trump claims tick-tock poses a national security threat because of its ties to China and is threatening to ban it if it isn’t sold to u.s firm by September 15th and one American tech company is prepared to snap it up.

You either understand tick tock’s popularity otherwise you don’t users post short videos of almost anything including lip-syncing and dancing half of all Canadians under the age of 25 have downloaded the app along with over 800 million users around the world and even as we accused tech giant Huawei of sharing user information with the Chinese government. it’s now pointing the finger at TikTok.


It’s an excellent asset but it isn’t a great asset within us unless they have the approval of us so it will close on September 15th unless Microsoft or somebody else is able to buy.

It for its part TikTok maintains all its data is stored within us and inaccessible to the Chinese government but it isn’t just u.s that’s concerned India banned the app a month ago.

How is it that what we placed on our phones may be a national security issue while users give TikTok access to an extended list of things including audio and video your address book your GPS location, as well as all of your network and wi-fi connections, put differently everything you set on your phone it now knows.

it is often sold on the open market it is often sold on the dark web uh because each piece of data features value and ultimately that information can and likely are going to be used against us so uh we expect that we’re invulnerable we’re not even if we’re not famous our data are often used against us in some capacity.

so now Microsoft has 45 days to form a deal which has been reported to be worth the maximum amount as 50 billion dollars but albeit it doesn’t tick-tock won’t getaway.

The app isn’t going to summarily go dark and we’re not all suddenly getting to get a stop from it it’ll simply be harder for new users to urge involved uh or for the user base to grow.




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