The destruction is overwhelming this is often the port in Lebanon’s capital Beirut rubble everywhere buildings blast open vehicles flipped and smashed those caught in it those that survived dazed and bloody hospitals already struggling to deal with covid19. now flooded with numerous blast victims some are being treated outside officials say a minimum of 78 people are known to possess died and almost four thousand are injured the red cross has put out an urgent appeal for blood donors Lebanon features a history of conflict and of bombings but the size of this is often like nothing else.

The massive explosion was so powerful the blast wave was felt many kilometers away Lebanon’s internal security chief says it happened in a neighborhood within the port that housed highly explosive materials the cause isn’t clear yet but as crystal commanding reports the damage certainly.

The massive plume of black smoke rising up over the port impossible to miss mixed into that smoke flashes of sunshine believed to be fireworks going off even those in cars during the evening rush hour grabbed their phones to record the dramatic scene but nobody was prepared for what came next to an explosion so powerful shock waves were reportedly felt clear across the Mediterranean in Cyprus.

Eyewitness Says The glass shattered everywhere the cars around us the buildings all the glass just went down it had been raining glass all over the town of Beirut.


Images show buildings far away from the explosion site destroyed many of us were caught on the roads unsure of what to try to next.

Hassan Diab

(Prime Minister of Lebanon)

Lebanon’s prime minister said the state is suffering and called on friendly neighboring countries for support.

Faced with serious depression and the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic Lebanon’s health system is itself ailing and now struggling to stay up with the thousands of injured people caught up within the explosion.

Woman says we thought it had been a container within the port that was ablaze and they weren’t ready to put it out a few seconds later we were flying through the air.

Exactly what happened is unknown one security official says the source of the blast was a building at the port where explosive material was kept Wednesday has been declared a national day.

it’s not clear if there are any Canadians among the victims though we know that almost 11000 Canadians are registered as being in Lebanon prime minister Justin Trudeau has offered Canada’s support to the country tweeting.

Canada’s foreign affairs minister tweeted.

Before this explosion Lebanon was already crippled by the worst depression in years decades of political mismanagement corruption and overspending have accelerated in recent months to the point of economic collapse the Lebanese pound has lost 80 percent of its value since last October pandemic restrictions have led to job losses poverty and despair unemployment is at 32% percent many parts of Lebanon only get two or three hours of electricity each day bread a staple of the Lebanese diet is in short supply because the govt can’t fund imports of wheat the charity save the youngsters estimates more than 900000 people living in and around Beirut do not have enough money to shop for food and talks with the IMF a few 10 billion dollar bailouts stalled in July.


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