Breaking news an air India express flight with 191 people on board has skidded off the runway while landing in Koyukon in Kerala state now media are reporting the pilot has died quite 100 passengers are injured.

What can we know at this stage?

This is often a subsidiary of the national carrier Air India its air India express flight from Dubai to Korea cord as you said it skidded off the runway during landing in Faridkot airport within the city of concord in Kerala just before 8 pm civil time there have been 191 people on board including six crew members and government officials in Kela have told local media that both of the pilots on board have died that haven’t been confirmed by the airline yet

We are hearing that tens of individuals are taken to hospitals with injuries we can see that the aircraft has broken into two pieces it’s separated and therefore the national disaster response force is on their thanks to the airport to assist with the search and operation. There are still no international commercial flights into India so this flight would are repatriating Indian nationals from Dubai and therefore the director generalists of the aviation has ordered an inquiry there has been heavy monsoon rain in Kerala all day today actually a landslide earlier within the day uh killed 15 people in the district of editing with more feared buried under the rubble which searches for survivors had to be called off because of the heavy rain. India expressed a subsidiary of a serious airline so it is a low-cost carrier.

What can we realize their safety record?

They’re we all know that the safety they do not have um any issues with their safety record and as you said you recognize just 90 minutes since the flights aged the runway all we all know thus far is that there was very heavy rain as I used to be saying all day in Kerala and so it’s thought that might that the plane was uh skidded off the runway that the cause was most likely due to the weather conditions.

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