A poignant commemoration of the instant 75 years ago when the planet entered the atomic age and an entire city was destroyed with the numbers of the so-called hibakusha the original survivors of the attack declining annually. This is likely to be the last major anniversary they will attend in large numbers special precautions in situ to protect them from the coronavirus but Hiroshima’s mayor mentioned as a replacement threat facing the planet accompanied by a worrying increase in nationalism.

Kazumi Matsui Says

Hiroshima Mayor

We must not ever allow this painful path to repeat itself civil society must reject self-centered nationalism and unite against all threats.

At 8 15 within the morning civil time, a single atom bomb codenamed little boy exploded 2000 feet above the middle of the town killing tens of thousands of individuals instantly with tens of thousands more dying within the months and years that followed many from radiation-related illnesses.

Michiko Kodama was a toddler when the bomb was dropped with the pandemic innovative ways that have been found for her and other survivors to share their stories Hiroshima with this generation.


Michiko Kodama Says: There is a way that we do not have much longer to measure I’m now 82 I do not know once I won’t be able to speak so in some form we’d like to preserve our stories.

Three days after Hiroshima Nagasaki was attacked with a second bomb another anniversary with more survivors to market and in both cities both among the generation who endured the attacks and also the generations that came after them, there’s a strong peace culture that’s really focused on abolishing nuclear weapons the experience of being the sole country to be attacked with nuclear weapons helped shape modern Japan.

Shinzō Abe

Prime Minister of Japan
 urging action from each country japan will take the lead within the international community’s efforts towards the realization of a world without nuclear weapons
it’s a goal still far away from being realized but one held still as strongly within the two cities that have suffered most from such weapons.
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