India has confirmed that the entire number of coronavirus infections within the country has exceeded two million it is the third-highest number of cases within the world after America and brazil and the new and therefore the number of latest cases remains at worrying levels the health ministry has reported over 62000 cases within the past 24 hours alone and the number of latest infections has been above 50 000 every day for every week. The last million cases were confirmed in only 20 days that’s a faster rate of infection than us or brazil and the country has reported over 41000 deaths thus far well that is the fifth biggest total globally India does have a population of 1.3 billion people.

The speed with during which it has been reached as well so we reached 1 million about 20 days ago and it’s only taken about so it took you to know months to succeed in that number and it’s only taken less than three weeks to succeed in two million cases and everyone through the last week we’ve had about eight to nine hundred people dying every single day from this infection within the country on some days. India has had the very best number of new coronavirus cases and deaths within the world. So this infection continues to spread rapidly the government, in fact, says that the death rate relative to the dimensions of India’s population remains a fraction of what was seen in countries like the united kingdom Spain or Italy there’s you recognize we have had evidence from frontline doctors and workers over the past several months that there’s under-reporting as far as COVID-19 debts are concerned that sometimes on the death certificate a co-morbidity is written instead of saying that the person was infected by the virus sometimes people who’ve been brought dead to hospitals are not tested and so they are not counted within the final death toll but even as long as I even have been lecture public experts over the past several weeks and that they do believe that India features a lower death rate compared to other countries within the world.


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