Temperature checks a disinfectant tunnel and social distancing is what met students returning to high school in Tehran journalists were invited to the present school to see Iran’s safety measures.

Hassan Rouhani

President of Iran

Today the education starts it means education doesn’t pack up even under the toughest conditions it is the teacher’s responsibility to remove anxiety from the minds of students and their families anxiety will prevent students from beginning the tutorial year.

Some within the country have questioned the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Teacher: The Haran remains considered under Iran’s red zone for coronavirus infections and despite measures put in situ in schools like this one some parents are still reluctant to send their children back to school.


I have much stress and I am worried one of my sons has allergies and that I disagree with him attending school in this situation I think I won’t let him attend school because his health may be a priority over education they are kids they touch everything and then they touch their faces.

The children however seemed less concerned?

I think it’s good to return to high school we’ve stayed reception for nearly half the year and studied online yes there are concerns about the virus at school but we should always just observe the health protocols. Class times are reduced to 35 minutes students attend on alternate days and a web learning application has been introduced.

The education minister tried to reassure parents.

Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei

Iran's Minister of Education

The health of scholars is our most important concern we do not want to place students’ health in danger we trust the health ministries had great experience fighting the virus. we hope families also trust us and can be sure that the education sector is following health protocols.

More than 100 people each day are dying from the coronavirus in Iran and about 2 000 are getting infected the government might want to return to normality but it’s still not clear it’s an edge of the spread of the virus.



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