Health authorities in India say the country has now exceeded 4 million coronavirus cases nearly 2 million new infections were recorded last month alone. India has the third-highest total worldwide behind u.s and brazil even so restrictions in India are eased because the government pushes to reopen the economy only the worst-hit areas are still under lockdown

A grim milestone four million infections in India as we said it is the third highest national total within the world but closing in on brazil and yet we’re hearing that lockdown restrictions are being lifted do most of the people within the country support this government policy.

Reporter: it’s safe to mention yes actually because if you exit in cities like new Delhi and Bombay you will see crowds out and that no in no way indicate numbers of 4 million infections of a highly communicable disease lockdown restrictions have almost completely been lifted yes some high of high-density places are still not open but most shops markets gyms are back in track even schools and colleges there are plans to start out reopening them by the top of the month the people seem to accept as true with the government’s belief that India must learn to measure with the coronavirus the economic slowdown caused by the lockdown cannot be afforded so there’s perhaps lockdown fatigue that’s encouraging people to return out and say this is life now we’ve.

Well because the restrictions are being eased we know as you mentioned you recognize students are going back to the university and many thousands of scholars are also being told to travel ahead with their exams but how safe can that be you probably did send us a report let’s have a glance.

Examinations during epidemic schools and colleges remain closed as India records the very best daily rise in cases within the world these students are appearing for a crucial test and it’s testing like never before masks assigned at the exam center constant sanitization and repeated calls for social distancing parents and students here are reassured by these measures they say they can’t afford to lose any more time to the pandemic.

Student: All the candidates try hard to give this exam but yeah it had been okay because as all the security measures were taken in order that it had been okay to give the exam during the pandemic.

Teacher: They could have conducted this exam in April the workload was low then but they pushed it to July and now this they can’t afford any longer delays.yet not everyone has been this enthusiastic about the tests.

Many of the competitive exams held every year in India have faced stiff opposition this point students have protested online against the risks they assert they’re being forced to take and have even approached the supreme court.


students took to social media to trend the hashtag rise against exams in Covidforcing them to appear for the exams is cruel

Pavli Agarwal an aspiring doctor is expected to travel 150 kilometers next week to her test center she hasn’t stepped call at five months and is terrified to try to so she heard rumors over social media that another exam led to dozens of Covid-19 I deaths many students whose parents are asking them to skip exams this year it is far too risky to travel for them nothing is set on behalf of me either my family is scared they do not know whether I should choose this exam or not.

Opposition parties have haunted the cause also they accused the Modi government of being anti-student protesters insist they do not want the exams canceled but simply postponed until it’s safer.

We are sharing the priority of the students of the whole country and their parents because the opposition government is already giving an invitation to the prime minister of India to postpone this examination for nonce these students, however, intend to get on with their plans they say their careers will need to be formed within this new normal.



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