It is counter-intuitive but lower body training is advantageous when one wants to stimulate upper body muscle growth. Metabolism is conducive to muscle growth which is possible by leg workouts as it helps in stimulating some of the largest muscles in the body. Upper body muscles can be built without working out with legs but working out with all the major muscles of the body leads to faster and better results.

Band exercises for legs are an effective way to emphasize muscular endurance, develop explosive strength, and build muscle toneBand exercises for legs can be done in the following ways:

Front Squats: In this exercise, feet are placed on the top of a band, and handles are held with an overhand grip and stretched up to shoulder height. Then the person squads down until quads are below parallel, explode up and return to the standing position.

Squat and Presses: This exercise is the same as front squats. The only difference is that the person has to explode upwards and hold the handle overhead for one second and has to repeat the steps without stopping.

Reverse Lunge and Rows: For this exercise, a door attachment can be used. The band can be looped around the pole, just below the chest height. The person has to face the band, take a large step back and take a reverse lunge. The core should be tight and the back should be kept upright. The bands are to be released slowly, back is to be returned up to a full stand and the band is to be powerfully rowed into the core. The steps are to be repeated for the opposite leg.

Squat and Rows: In this exercise, the band is to be looped around the pole, just below the chest height and the person has to do a squat, stand up and row the band into the core. Al this should be done facing the band.

Lying Hamstring Curls: For doing this exercise, one has to hook the band at the bottom of the door and the band is attached to the legs using ankle attachment. The person has to lie in the prone position facing down. The body should be stabilized and the hamstring is powerfully contracted. The foot has to come up towards the butt. The set should be completed and repeated for the opposite leg.


Side Lunges:  The person, in this exercise, has to stand at the top of the band with the only right foot and the hands are to be brought up to the shoulder height. Then, without moving the hands, the person has to take one step out to the left, lunge down with the left leg and powerfully press through the left foot and return back to a full stand.

Glute Kickbacks: The person has to get on his hands and knees, loop the band around the arch of the right foot, and hold both handles under the chest. In this position, the core should be tight and the back flat. Then the right leg is to be kicked out as far as possible. The position should be held for one second and the set should be completed and steps repeated with the left foot.

Lying Hip Abductions: For this exercise, one has to lie down on the right side. The band is too looped around the ankles and the left leg is to be raised straight into the air. This position is to be held for a second and then the person can return back to the bottom. The same steps are to be repeated for the right leg.

Band exercises for legs are easier to perform as resistance bands help in performing specific muscle exercises and various other exercises. It helps in emphasizing muscular endurance and explosive strength is developed.



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