U.s is about to dam downloads of the mobile apps Tiktok and WeChat the Chinese-owned platforms will not be available in u.s app stores from Sunday. The Trump administration says the apps pose a national security threat as their parent companies could pass data from u.s citizens to china the president is threatening a complete ban on Tiktok in mid-November but the corporate could still breach a deal with u.s partner that might address Washington’s security concerns.


Donald Trump Said

U.S. President

So we’ve some great options and perhaps we can keep tons of individuals happy but have the safety that we’d like we’ve to have the entire security from china we’re just no we’re not getting to do anything to jeopardize security at an equivalent time it’s a tremendous company very very fashionable in order that we will do a combination of both I’d be very happy doing that would go very quickly that could go very in no time.

Are Tiktok and WeChat the threat to u.s national security because the president says?

Facebook is additionally a threat to u.s national security. I believe the president has exaggerated the threat as a political issue and it’s most unfortunate yes Tiktok has censored within the past and Tiktok as a Chinese company if the Chinese government should want could ask it to expire personal data stored in Chinese servers so there are other ways to address that potential problem but the real problem is that us doesn’t adequately protect the private data of its citizens or for instance, the citizens of Germany why because we’ve no personal data protection law that tells corporations how they will monetize our data and utilize our data and gives us no rights really to regulate our data we have sector-specific personal data protection laws and health care data.

We don’t have enough Susan what does one think the trump administration hopes to realize by targeting Tiktok and WeChat so aggressively

it’s to alienate a couple of things to means china as the enemy which is basically unfortunate because I see it in sectors that I work on like ai as well were us and china whether it’s through Microsoft or google or whatever work very closely on technology like ai which are global public goods even as we work with german and greek scientists and Canadian scientists and this is often very unfortunate. but it’s part of this larger demonization of china another thing is that American platforms are very threatened by Tiktok why it’s such an honest algorithm.


Tiktok videos and as you recognize they’re catchy and what they are doing is once you show you like something their algorithm is so good they point you to other videos and that they learn tons about you in that way but other apps do an equivalent thing just not also and so it’s quite the threat to us companies like Facebook so Facebook once they testified in June then a few of months later are pointing at these Chinese platforms as big threats to facebook’s current business and ongoing business so instead of addressing the real problems which are our lack of personal data protection law and the very fact that these platforms are monopolies that we’ve not really addressed their control of our data you recognize trump is using it as a political scapegoat.

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