The Internet is a place for companies to show their services and products to potentially millions of clients. Web Development and Design refer to the procedure of developing a proper website that can offer exactly what these companies provide. Look for companies offering quality web development services in Calgary to have an online presence that is helpful to your company.

Anyone can create a website, but making a great site takes thought, work, and time. The purpose of a website is to get traffic in and keep that traffic from coming back. The more viewers a site attracts the higher the search engine ranking it gets, and that in turn provides even more traffic. To make your website efficient, follow some web development tips that can help you get started.


The first factor you have to think about in your website’s design is the theme. This obviously would be based upon the nature of your business. There are many templates already available on the internet that you can choose as a practice website to find out the look that you want.


When it comes to the kind of graphics that you wish to put on your website, use only small file sizes about ten to twelve KB per picture. The purpose of using small file sizes is to enable your website to load faster than most. Nothing can turn off possible consumers or visitors more than a website that is taking way too much time to load. Moreover, when selecting graphical material for the website, choose the right images that will match the content.

If your website is an online shop about running shoes, for instance, people are going to expect many images of running shoes for sale. Many people think that using images that flash or blink would be a nice addition to the website to give it a little life. Studies show, however, that some people are disturbed and irritated by this kind of layout. If you prefer to use flashy images, do not overuse them so they will not grab attention far from the website.

Standard Size and Format

When it comes to layout design, it is a good idea to stay within the standard size. Some people use six to eight frames per page on one page. This is too long and the possibilities of losing the attention of your website visitors would be rather high. Make effective use of Whitespace by knowing how its use can affect the content.

Make sure to use the graphics as actual aspects of the designs you have chosen. This allows them to pop out and can help you show your message to your visitors more effectively.

Selecting a Font for Function over Form

When it comes to fonts, use Serif font for headings and Sans Serif for text. This is because this font is among the easiest to read on a monitor. One way that makes a website look like the work of amateurs is using too many font styles. To keep an element of uniformity, stick to at least a couple of font types so that the result would look expertly created.

Test your website on various web browsers before launching it to determine compatibility issues that you may need to resolve. Click this to find out more about web design and development services.




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