Our lives are all revolving around social media these days and for this reason, businesses have started to concentrate greatly on their social media activities. The reason is that the returns from social media are big and the investment is very little compared to the traditional modes of marketing.

If you are a bit cynical about social media marketing and whether or not it is is worth giving a try, the following are a few reasons why it may work better than you think.

1. Brand Recognition

You can build up your brand right from the scratch and this is the first and the most powerful tool which the social media offers to you. You can choose how your brand will be positioned and with consistency and effort, you can build good repute focusing on the benefits and advantages of your company.

2. Building Community

There isn’t a more powerful tool than social media when you need to make a community. When your brand followers become a part of your brand community, you get immediate access to them. This means you can find out the challenges they are faced with and what they appreciate and dislike about your products or services. You can get their opinions and have more important information than any market research.

3.  Repeated Exposure

The old marketing saying is that a customer doesn’t agree to buy a product until he has seen it 6 to 8 times. A good benefit of social media is the repeated exposure to your potential customers. You have the option to remind them again and again about the product or service you offer. This shortens downs the sales cycle radically.

4.  Website Traffic

You may not realize initially but social media has a great impact on the website traffic. When you share pictures, videos, or blog posts, or other useful content from your website, you give your followers a reason to visit your website. Once they have reached the website, you can inspire them to make a purchase, sign up for the mailing list, or anything else. You can check this by installing some traffic monitoring service on your site and see how much traffic social media brings.

5. Competitive Advantage

Mostly your competitors aren’t doing really well with the social media yet and here is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, if you don’t have social media existence or you don’t use it for marketing, you are leaving a big opening for your competitors to capture your potential consumers.

6. Ahead of the Curve

Your clients or potential clients are always looking if you engaged in social media or not. If you don’t have a social media existence or don’t update your social media pages you are giving a bad impression to your customers. Doesn’t matter how small your audience is, if you keep on marketing your products or service online, your prospects will surely notice.



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